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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

How to reduce weight

How to reduce weight

1.Drinking water

 Water helps to lose weight, so drinking half a liter of water increases calories by 24-30% per hour. Drinking water before meals reduces caloric intake, so it is necessary to replace other beverages with water to reduce sugar. Especially for middle-aged and elderly people.

2. Eat fruits and vegetables

Eat more fruits and vegetables. Foods that help to lose weight, because they contain large amounts of water, nutrients, and fiber, and are low in energy density, do not lead to the acquisition of large amounts of calories. Studies have shown that people who eat Many fruits and vegetables are lighter than others.

 3. Use small dishes

 Some studies have shown that small dishes help to eat less than usual, and reduce the amount of food intake, where people fill their plates regardless of size, and end up to eat more food.

4. Avoid sugary drinks

 Drinks containing sugar, such as juice, soda, sweetened coffee, and tea, can cause at least 800 additional calories to be added to the body, as well as increased hunger, so it is advisable to eat healthy fluids rich in vegetables and protein that help to feel full.

5. Playing sports

Exercise for 30-60 minutes at least three times a week helps increase calorie burning, muscle building, and the best exercise options. Fitness training Pilates, strength exercises, dancing, swimming, gymnastics, and aerobics. A gym course, the help of a trainer, and the practice of hobbies that require a physical effort to accelerate weight loss, such as biking, hiking, jogging, brisk walking, and roller skating.

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