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Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips, Diet Guides

1/ Obesity and its health risks

Obesity is defined as body fat accumulation to the extent that the bodyweight is higher than a specific size or a particular index, so weight is incompatible with health, and attention to load bodily is a prerequisite for health, while obesity and overweight are linked to the risk of chronic disease and obesity itself is classified as a disease; chronic obesity, osteoarthritis, certain types of cancer, gall bladder disease, respiratory problems and a high risk of complications during the course of the disease are some of the chronic illnesses that increase obesity; Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease Pregnancy and During Pregnancy Surgical Milliyet .

2/ The easiest way to lose weight

The easiest way to lose weight is the apparent frankness that drives us to the desired goal without distorting misleading ideas. With the spread of various diets and the promotion of many false ways to lose weight, it is safe to say that the best way to lose weight is through a healthy assessment of nutritional status. The treatment of obesity and overweight should be based on a progressive lifestyle. Changes and must combine an integrated, balanced, varied, and moderate diet. Control calories and bring enough essential nutrients to your body. For a person to feel that their weight loss is easy, a lot of changes should not be initiated once illogical goals are in place, but a long-term progressive plan must be developed to perform the moves and introduce them. In daily life.

3/ Determine the healthy weight of the body

Everyone should be concerned about the weight of their body so that it does not reach a weight that is incompatible with their health. Many measures have been put in place to assess body weight. Unfortunately, many people consider what the media tells us about the fragile body image as the ideal body and the dream that everyone wants to achieve. Especially women, and unfortunately, this image affects the satisfaction of many people about their weight, even if their weight is below average or even below average.

4/ Simple behaviors contribute to weight loss easily

Some tips and behaviors can be used by men to reduce their weight while ensuring that they are healthy and balanced and contain all vitamins and minerals, and reduce the number of calories consumed. Per day to cut it. That the body burns, you lose weight, and these behaviors include:

  • - Make healthy behaviors a goal of the person rather than focusing on body weight. 2 Emphasis on importance sometimes affects bored and frustrated people. This can lead to abandoning the right habits and behaviors adopted. In his eating habits and his behavior, he manifests a positive impact of his commitment to the changes he has made even if he did not make a significant difference in weight in a short period.
  • - One of the most important ways to contribute efficiently to weight loss and to allow the person to respect the specified amounts of food is to not feel very hungry before the main meals, where the feeling of extreme hunger may lose his ability. Control over diet and meals, which can lead to remorse and guilt, so snacks between significant meals help to suppress the main meal.
  • - Chew at least several times, as if the person was determined to chew 10 or more times each bite, for example, as this helps to slow down the process of eating and to feel full of less food
  • _ Avoid tensions and alternatives to treat without eating because eating emotionally is a problem that can lead to weight gain and requires treatment in itself.
  • Eat foods with the least amount of fat possible. A cup of rice can be eaten with 3 servings of fat, for example, and can be taken with a fat ration. This is due to the amount of fat used during cooking. For the person cooking and preparing food, be careful not to add a lot of oil, avoid using saturated fats such as margarine and avoid adding the sauce cubes. if possible

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