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Health benefits of Honey Dagmusd

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  Dagmus is a plant resembling a hibiscus, which is: Dagmus Reddagmus Cape of Raja, Dagmus Malagasy, Dagmus Vasari, Dagmus Qabid, Dagamous, Dagmus Dumoy ...It is a forking plant that lives in desert and warm areas, green in contrast to the color of the Yellow Desert, and is widespread in the south of the Maghreb and is not found in any other country. Dagmus honey is characterized by brown and yellow color together before picking, but after the cut becomes black, and when eaten leaves heat in the throat area. Doghouse honey is considered one of the best and most useful types of honey.
Benefits of Honey and its uses:

1. Adjust blood glucose level:

Although the various types of honey work to raise blood sugar, honey Aldghmos works to control blood sugar, so it is a treatment and an adequate diet option for diabetics, especially patients with type II diabetes

2 - strengthens the immune system:

Dagmus honey contains many vitamins, antioxidants, and essential substances that make it a natural antibiotic, which enhances the work of the immune system, and protect and strengthen the body, by stimulating the immune system to produce more potent antibodies.

3-Resistance to different types of cancers:

Because honey contains dinghies antioxidants, it makes it effective food and treatments to resist cancer cells, and resistance to various kinds of cancers and reduce the spread and growth.

4 - Treatment of diseases of the reproductive system:

Daghemus honey works to protect the reproductive system from various viruses that can infect it, as it treats and limits inflammation

5- reduce anemia and anemia:

Daghemus honey helps to treat anemia and anemia because it contains a large percentage of essential minerals such as iron, vitamins that make it strengthen the body, and addresses the general weakness and wasting of the body.

 6- Treatment of bone and joint problems:

.Dagmus honey works to strengthen the bones and joints, and treat all diseases related to them, as it contains anti-inflammatory elements, works to manage and reduce the inflammation of bones and joints and works to relieve the pain and reduce the heat resulting from it.

7 - Reduce respiratory diseases:

Because the honey contains many essential substances and antioxidants, it helps to strengthen the respiratory system and treatment of various conditions that can affect it, such as the treatment of asthma, asthma, chronic angina, and others...

8 - Treatment of colds and flu:

Domus honey helps with the natural antibiotics, the treatment of colds and flu, and the elimination of the bacteria that cause infection, and also treats cough, and reduce the symptoms of a cold

9- delay the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging:

Dagmus honey works with antioxidants to improve blood circulation and helps to increase the flow of blood to the cells of the body, which always appear young, and delay the emergence of signs of gray and aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines and more.

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