health Benefits of Honey, Rosemary

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Rosemary or rosemary is one of the aromatic herbs with distinctive aromas, which are associated with many health benefits and some side effects, know the most important information now.

The rosemary has always been used as a kind of spice that is mainly added to meat and chicken.

The Mountain Peel is a potent anti-inflammatory because it contains some powerful acids, substances, and compounds such as carnosic acid and carnosol.

Which works to combat the enzyme that causes pain and inflammation in the body and counteract and prevent the production of nitric oxide excess body needs, which plays a significant role in the incidence of inflammation.

The rosemary has always been used as a kind of spice that is mainly added to meat and chicken.

health Benefits of Honey, Rosemary :

Antibiotics and inflammatory and promotes immunity:
Where it was found to have antimicrobial properties, viruses, and various fungi.

For this use in the process of keeping meat and storing it for a while


This herb contains many antioxidants vitamins E, A, C, polyphenols, and carnosol, which is a powerful compound in the fight against cancer.

All these components work to destroy cancer cells and influence their food representation and fight free radicals.

Several studies have shown the role of rosemary herb in the treatment of breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, blood, and skin cancer.

Promote respiratory health:

The rosemary works to combat allergies, colds, respiratory infections, flu, and asthma.

Breathing odor helps to relieve congestion and clean the lungs and throat and alleviate the pain of headaches associated with respiratory diseases.

Promote digestive health:

.Since ancient times the rosemary has been used in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, dyspepsia, and constipation.

As an anti-inflammatory and bacteria, especially bacteria that cause stomach ulcers, it helps to reduce food poisoning and various gastroenteritis, and facilitate digestion.

Treatment of migraine and pain relief:

It was found that inhaling the smell of rosemary helps relieve pain and migraine by boiling it for ten minutes in the water and then inhaled the scent.

Topical treatment with rosemary herb is an analgesic for various muscle, joint, and inflammatory diseases.

.Antidepressant and mood improvement:

It has been found that the smell of rosemary affects specific areas of the brain and improves mood and relaxation.


.The rosemary is rich in antioxidants such as vitamins E, A, and C which makes it play a significant role in anti-aging, wrinkles and free radicals that cause it, stimulates cell regeneration and improves skin color.


 The rosemary is diuretic and helps to reduce the problem of water retention in the body and improve kidney efficiency and help to expel gases.
Side effects and usage warnings:

 Side effects that may result from using it:

Eating large amounts of it may lead to irritation of the stomach and intestines and damage to the kidneysPregnant people should pay attention to the quantity of rosemary herb, as it may cause uterine contractions and miscarriages if they go too far. Pressure patients should be careful because they may lead to elevated blood pressure.


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