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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Did you know the benefits of camel milk?

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Did you know the benefits of camel milk? 

In addition to the importance of camels in the life of the desert and its inhabitants, camel milk has been used since ancient times for many therapeutic purposes in the population of Africa, the Middle East and Asia, and is characterized by a dark white colour has a sweet smell and sharp taste, and can taste sometimes salty, and the difference in taste Camel milk.
Science has not paid attention to the importance of this milk until recent years, where recent scientific research has focused on the study of camel milk and its components and medical and therapeutic uses, and reached the fact that camel milk closer to the composition of mamilk.
Nutritional value of milk:
It contains 3.1% protein, 4.4% lactose sugar, 0.79% minerals, and the percentage of total solids in it is 11.9%, which is close to the proportion of total solids in breast milk, and the balance of water in camel milk between 84-90%, so that different This percentage varies depending on the availability of drinking water for camels.
The higher the amount of water available for drinking, which is a defensive mechanism to ensure the infant's water needs in cases of drought.
The benefits of camel milk therapeutic: 
There are many therapeutic benefits of camel milk, where research found that it has an essential role in autoimmune diseases, metabolic disorders, hepatitis, diarrhoea caused by a virus Rotavirus, tuberculosis, cancer, diabetes, liver cirrhosis, rickets, autism and Crohn's disease.
Camel milk is a good source of protein, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C and niacin. Camel milk improves the body's natural defensive functions and can play a role in the resistance of many bacteria and viruses.
Benefits of camel milk for hepatitis:
  Camel milk has found antiviral effects and has been found to improve biochemical and physical scales in patients with chronic active hepatitis C. The lactoferrin protein extracted from camel milk also found anti-hepatitis C effects. 
The benefits of camel milk in diabetes:
 Many scientific studies have proven effective in controlling diabetes, and the proportion of diabetics in camel breeders in India who drink large amounts of camel milk is 0% compared with 5.5% in other communities It has also recently been found that the use of camel milk by type 1 diabetics reduces their daily insulin needs by 30-35% with low blood sugar and albumin levels in the urine, because it contains insulin, insulin-like proteins and immunoglobulins (Immunoglobulins) Some trace elements have anti-inflammatory properties. Insulin in camel milk differs from human and other animals' insulin by being surrounded by micelles, which protect it from digestion and decomposition in the upper part of the digestive tract Making it more comfortable to absorb and pass into the blood. Recent studies of experimental animals with diabetes have found their ability to prevent kidney damage associated with diabetes, as well as antioxidants in camel milk, prevent metabolic syndrome manifestations, which include high blood glucose and lipids, which may prevent pathological changes in small blood vessels that cause kidney and retinal disease and complications in the cardiovascular system.
Benefits of camel milk in cancer:
 Camel milk is popularly used in  Cancer cases
 Some studies have found the ability of fluid to prevent the formation of new blood vessels caused by inflammation and have also found fatal effects of liver cancer cells by inhibiting the gene expression of one of the enzymes necessary to activate carcinogens. Not all of the compounds responsible for fighting cancer in camel's milk have been identified to date, but Lactoferrin has been found to have significant effects.
The benefits of camel milk in autism:
 Camel milk is used in many areas as a traditional treatment for autism, and in a study published in 2005, which examined the effect of replacing camel milk with camel milk in children and adults with autism, it was found that taking camel milk for a 4-year-old girl For 40 days, a 15-year-old child for 30 days and some adults aged 21 years for two weeks have no autism symptoms. Such as better sleep, better understanding of the place, improved visual and linguistic communication, and improved digestive symptoms In a study of 60 cases of autism at the age of 2-12 years, the effect of drinking 500 ml of bovine milk twice a day was compared with the same amount of camel milk for two weeks, and the results found an improvement in behavioural and cognitive tests.
Milk benefits in cardiovascular diseases:
 Camel milk was found to have anticoagulant effects, as it was found to lower the blood level of fibrinogen in diabetic rats, indicating the protective effects of camel milk in cardiovascular disease.

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