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Golden Tips for A Healthy And Good Sleep

Golden Tips for A Healthy And Good Sleep

Healthy sleep is of great importance to both the body and the mind, helping to rest and relax at night after a long and hard day, charging the energy supply for the next day on the one hand, and preventing back, spine and spine trouble on the other.

Golden Tips for A Healthy And Good Sleep
Golden Tips for A Healthy And Good Sleep

In a report published by the German news agency, German orthopedic surgeon Professor Bernd Kladini explained that the benefits of healthy sleep are not only to enjoy a good mental state and mood and to be able to exert effort, but also to protect the back, spine and cervical vertebrae from pain. And deformities.

For his part, The President of the German Society of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research Professor Peter Young stressed the importance of sleeping on a mattress bed and pillows that support the normal position of the spine and cervical vertebrae and is comfortable, i.e. do not cause pain during sleep and do not force one to take a specific sleeping position .

The correct sleep position

Professor Knegenia Richter, who specializes in sleep research, noted the importance of proper sleep status, explaining that "the health status of sleep is on the left side, which reduces the burden on the heart."

Richter warned that sleeping on the abdomen causes wrinkles, noting that sleeping on the back or right side is better for people with snoring.

On the other hand, Professor Young pointed out that special medical pillows can be used in the case of certain diseases, such as a pillow that prevents sleep on the back in case of sleep apnea, which occurs only when sleeping on the back.

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