Health Benefits for Sports

Some of us do not exercise because of laziness or lack of awareness of its benefits. According to WHO data, inactivity is the fourth leading cause of death globally at 6 percent, as well as a significant cause of colon and breast cancer (21-25%). 27% of diabetes cases, and nearly 30% of ischaemic heart disease.
Health Benefits for Sports

Physical activity is any movement performed by small and large muscles and consumes more calories (energy) than the calories spent during rest. The body receives more health benefits when moving large muscles and studies have shown that participating in physical activity regularly provides many health benefits, including:

Health Benefits for Sports:

Health Effects of Sports About Blood pressure:

 Regular physical activity helps to control high blood pressure, when exercising (running, swimming, basketball and sexual activity) muscles consume large amounts of energy, require more oxygen than usual, and to meet the growing demand of oxygen must  Increase the amount of blood flowing through the blood vessels, resulting in an expansion of the ships and thus lower blood pressure. (Read also: )

Health Effects of Sports About Diabetes:

Moderate exercise can reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes.  Also reduce the level of blood sugar in people with diabetes, by reducing the sensitivity of cells to insulin. Active exercise also increases muscle size, thereby reducing the amount of body fat.

 Health Effects of Sports about weight:

Physical activity is the key to reducing weight, and an effective way to reach and maintain a healthy weight in adults and children.  By consuming excess calories, it is therefore forbidden to store them in the form of fat. The calories consumed are more than or equal to the prices consumed.

Health Effects of Sports About Cholesterol:

Physical activity helps to promote the balance of cholesterol level, as it lowers the level of LDL, and raises the level of good cholesterol (HDL), through several mechanisms, including that physical activity stimulates proteins carrying harmful cholesterol to transfer it from the blood vessels to the liver and then get rid of Exercise also helps to increase the volume of protein molecules (lipoproteins) that carry LDL cholesterol, as the smaller the size of those protein molecules, the higher their risk of causing heart disease because they are easier to stick on the wall of the blood vessels.

Health Effects of Sports About Heart:

Inactivity is a significant risk factor for heart disease. Persistent plaque in the arteries reduces blood and oxygen flow to the heart muscle. Which leads to a heart attack. Physical activity protects against heart disease by lowering the level of fat and cholesterol in the blood and thus preventing its deposition on the walls of the vessels and artery of the heart muscle. (Read also: )

Health Effects of Sports About Colorectal cancer:

Several studies in the United States and around the world have found that adults who regularly engage in physical activity can reduce their risk of colon cancer by 30-40% compared to people who do not participate in any physical activity through the role of physical activity in energy balance and hormonal metabolism, Regulate insulin, reduce the time of carcinogens in the colon. In addition to the part of physical activity in changing some inflammatory and immune factors that lead to the risk of colon cancer.

Health Effects of Sports About BONES AND MUSCLES:

Physical activity helps prevent many age-related changes in bones, muscles, and joints. Research shows that exercise makes bones stronger and helps slow down the rate of bone loss, increase muscle mass, help balance and coordination exercises such as Tai improve the ability of physical balance, delay the development of osteoporosis as it slows down the rate at which bone mineral density is reduced. It also helps to maintain the flexibility of the joints. And muscles and joints.

Health Effects of Sports About Sleep:

Exercise can help to sleep faster and easier, more comfortable and deeper, and overcome insomnia. The sun during aerobic activities helps to regulate the body's temperature, which helps to sleep better. (Read also: Supermama Exercises: Focusing on a strong back and slender strength)

Health Effects of Sports About Depression:

Exercise reduces the symptoms of depression.  Since physical activity helps to release chemicals in the brain that relieve depression, reduce the substances of the immune system that can exacerbate depression, increase body temperature, which may have calming effects, exercise removes negative thoughts that Nourish anxiety and depression.


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