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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Russian nuclear explosion for the day: 08/08/2019

Russian nuclear explosion for the day: 08/08/2019

 Panic in the northwestern Russian city of Severodvinsk, caused by the nuclear explosion near their city, as well as other environmental damage.
The regional emergency department of the Arkhangelsk Oblast issued a statement informing the city of high radiation in the city.
The scientific director of the Russian nuclear center Vyacheslav said the center was developing small-scale energy sources that use "radioactive material, including fissile material and radioisotopes," for the Ministry of Defense and for uses.
This was confirmed by a nuclear agency official, Rosatom, in which atomic scientists were killed.
The Russian Defense Ministry said that the explosion occurred during the test of a "liquid-fuel rocket engine" military site near the town of Nyunokusa, and resulted in the death of "two specialists from their injuries" and wounding six others, while Russian media said the death toll was five scientists.
What are the dangers that nuclear radiation will pose to the human, animal, and environmental health?

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