avocado and its health benefits

What will happen to your body if you eat an avocado every day? avocado is a unique fruit is multiple nutritional benefits numerous studies continue to show it's incredible effects on her appearance and health.

1- you press will be fresh at all times the primary cause of bad breath is indigestion and an upset stomach but there will be no more of that once you make an avocado part of your daily menu. This fruit has antibacterial and antioxidant flavonoids that kill bacteria in your mouth and make your breath fresh it's so good at doing its job that it makes it even prevent oral cancer. Yes, you heard correctly scientists from Ohio State University conducted a study and it showed that nutrients from Haas avocados kent ford oral cancer cells. Not only killing them but also preventing precancerous cells. Developing into full cancers. So we suggest it's time to throw your breath freshener away and replace it with a delicious avocado.

2- your kidneys won't work more efficiently. This is Merin Culas Mineral to be found in avocados, potassium, remember its name will talk about it a bit later. Anyway, but ask him to help your system keep healthy fluid balance chemical channels for cells and organs a good fluid balance allows your kidneys to function better. That's why all people are highly recommended for patients with kidney disease. Just one small exception. If you suffer from my proposed to see me you should stay as far away from other colors as you possibly can. Play the amount of potassium-containing this fruit is dangerous for you and can lead to all kinds of unnecessary health problems.

3- your liver will function more efficiently. Health concerns regarding the liver can be hard to solve. But let's be real nothing is impossible for avocados. The fruit is actually one of the best products for a liver-friendly diet. And that's all thanks to its ability to help your body produce gluten Sione. Well, if we desperately crave this antioxidant to filter out harmful substances and protect itself from damage avocados also contain vitamin C and E a powerful combination that can neutralize free radicals in no time. Protecting your liver even more. I did mean he can also team up with vitamin K also found in avocados to quell cellular inflammation.

4- your blood pressure will become lower if you suffer from high blood pressure avocado should be your best friends at all times remember the potassium that we talked about earlier. Its ability to regulate the fluid balance benefits your blood pressure to in this case potassium prevents osteoporosis and most importantly lowers your blood pressure. It was confirmed by many studies including one conducted by the Department of Physiological Sciences at the Federal University of SPD to Santo in Victoria Brazil the final results were quite impressive people who consume mostly potassium-rich foods.


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