14 tricks to get rid of belly fat without exercise or diet

When you read this title, you may think that all that is said is nonsense and that there is no magic way to get rid of belly fat effortlessly, but this is not true! What you do not know is that many nutritionists and slimming doctors constantly recommend a set of daily dietary tips that help effectively burn fat belly, even if you do not follow a diet or do exercise. Here are some of them:

 14 tricks to get rid of belly fat without exercise or diet

 14 tricks to get rid of belly fat without exercise or diet

Reduce table salt:

Consuming large amounts of salt in your food helps to store water in the body and makes you feel more full and abdominal. So one of the first tips to lose weight in the waist is to reduce the amount of food you eat and rely on the amount of salt available in your kitchen.

Stick to regular sleep appointments:

Some studies have shown that reducing the number of daily sleep hours or erratic periods of sleep may cause the accumulation of body fat, especially around the waist area. It is also known that the body burns fat during sleep, so make sure to adhere to eight hours of sleep a night and adjust the dates of sleep with the body's biological clock ie sleep at night and not in the morning.

Avoid foods that contain preservatives:

What you don't know about preservatives found in most canned and processed foods such as sausage, luncheon, and sausage is rich in salts that will definitely increase body fat. Replace these types of foods with fresh foods that won't make your stomach feel full.

Reduce sugar:

If you are not enjoying coffee or tea until you have put in large amounts of white sugar, you should reconsider it! Sugar is one of the first ingredients to quickly turn into fats that are difficult to get rid of later. Therefore, we recommend that you gradually reduce the amount of sugar you enter daily and it is also better to replace foods rich in artificial sugar with those that contain natural sugar. For example, instead of cake and cakes, turn to the natural fruit.

soda! :

Soda-filled soft drinks are another type of food that uses large amounts of sugar for sweetening and also contains preservatives and artificial flavors.

Make fruit and your daily snack:

We often feel hungry between breakfast and lunch and go to unhealthy crackers or cakes and quick desserts, which increases stomach fat over time. So it is better to replace these foods with natural fruit. Always place a fruit dish next to you to prevent yourself from making unhealthy choices.

Drink plenty of ginger and mint drinks:

Ginger, peppermint, and fennel are natural drinks that are helpful in relieving fat in the waist, especially as they aid in rapid digestion.

Sit properly:

Sitting the wrong way either at the desk or while driving is one of the first reasons leading to the emergence of the abdomen and the appearance of the rumen. If you wish to get a slim waist quickly, start straightening the way you sit down and straighten your back straight.

Drink plenty of water:

From now on, be sure to drink at least three liters of water a day if you want to reduce belly fat. One of the benefits of water is that it gives a sense of satiety and reduces the sense of desire to eat sweets and it reduces the appetite open for food. You can also eat foods that contain large amounts of water as another source of hydration.

Eat slowly:

You should be aware that the brain takes about 20 minutes to receive satiety signals from the stomach, which means that eating quickly will prompt you to enter large amounts of it before the end of the 20 minutes, hence it is always advised to chew food slowly and quietly and start your meal The authorities then eat protein before carbohydrates so that the signals of satiety have reached the brain and you need less.

Turn to the frying method with one oil spoon:

Can't you give up French fries and fried chicken? Turn to the air frying method, which uses one tablespoon of oil. This trick will reduce the amount of fat obtained by the body.

Reduce foods that cause stomach gas:

Broccoli, cabbage, and broccoli are foods that are known to increase stomach gas and give you a feeling of bloating and fullness, so it's best to stay away from a tight stomach and a thinner waist.

Make yogurt your friend:

Yogurt is rich in probiotics, a type of yeast or live bacteria that help in the digestion and break down fat and also treat stomach gas. It is also present in yogurt and dark chocolate.


Exposure to stress, sadness and stress can negatively affect the functioning of the digestive system and may lead to fat storage in the stomach area. Make sure to take some time on a daily basis to relax in a quiet place and clear your mind. You can also turn to yoga.


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