Fashion Colors Fall / Winter 2020

The colors of the fall and winter of 2020 witnessed a great variety, a combination of bold, strong and bright, as well as dark and quiet. The role of fashion and fashion bloggers has tended to blend the colors of autumn and winter 2020 in many unexpected ways, which will change your concept of the art of coordinating winter colors in the coming period!

As we enter the autumn and winter seasons, we have decided to share with you the list of colors of the autumn/winter 2020, which was approved by Pantone international color company for application in fashion and decoration. The list includes 4 primary colors that will flood the market in the coming period, so read on and learn more about the colors popular in 2020 and ideas to harmonize them with other colors.

Bright Orange:

There are still some strong and bright colors dominate the fashion of the colors of autumn and winter 2020. Top comes orange color dark and bright. You can format it with neutral colors like ivory and black or with other bold tones like yellow and blue.


Of colors filled with a lot of femininity, pink! This year, the trend to coordinate clothes in a very bold style increases, such as wearing two colors that were not expected to be coordinated together. And this year will do a lot of
Fashion bloggers wear pink with red and yellow or with other shades of pink.

Blue Pacific Winter Fashion 2020:

Quiet blue degrees dominate this year rather than bright ones. The trend increases to wear its gradients in a single look or coordinate with yellow, red and possibly violet. You will also find him in control of women's allowances significantly.

Green olives

The olive grade is a fashion that maintains its presence among fashion trends and can be coordinated with dark or bright green tones. They can also be worn with neutral grades such as black and white.

If you are confused about how to coordinate these colors, see the following ideas to coordinate the colors of winter 2020 inspired street views in recent global fashion weeks .. Inspired by your next look.


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