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foods that can be toxic to your skin

surprising foods that can be toxic to your skin. Eyesight is here to help you with that by sharing 4 foods that you need to stop eating right now if you're worried about the state of your skin.

foods that can be toxic to your skin
foods that can be toxic to your skin

1- alcohol you're probably aware that alcohol isn't part of a healthy diet. But did, you know what it does to your skin? If you like to enjoy a relaxing glass of wine in the evenings after a hard day's work then listen to this time bomb skincare expert Mccaleb older says drinking alcohol is one of the worst things you can do for. Your skin. Unfortunately, after the good vibes, you were having while drinking alcohol fade away, you'll be left with tons of side effects. The first problem than alcohol causes hormone disruption that leads to activate. Second, it weakens your immune system by destroying very important bacteria in your gut. So after consuming alcohol, you might not only have a hangover but also a fever because you can easily catch a cold. And the third problem which happens to be the most common is that alcohol dehydrates your skin and makes it look and feel puffy. If you don't want to suffer from the negative effects of alcohol try to set a spending limit don't drink before you leave the house and pace yourself but it's much better not to drink at all and find a different.

2- rice cakes. You're probably surprised to find out that this supposedly healthy food is actually harmful rice cakes can cause wrinkles in your skin and they can even influence your brain function. You see it's really easy to overeat these tasty treats which can result in weight gain. Thing is that if you check the nutritional info on the packaging, you'll see that rice cakes consist of a whole lot of nothing and even if you do try to find a healthy ingredient there will only be a tiny. Amount of it. And one more problem with rice cakes is that they can cause blockages and acne by damaging mols called Advanced glycation endproducts also known as ages. Now, that's a pretty ironic name don't you think you definitely won't forget it. Really enjoy rice cakes, you should consider choosing ones that contain flaxseed and adding sprouts turkey tomatoes or any other vegetable to your liking it. So that you'll get healthy saturated fats calcium and iron. So finally enough eating only one kind of healthy food is very unhealthy. Well, you know what they say variety is the spice of life.

3- sushi.Did, you know that this delicacy leads to premature aging and causes acne, well, if not you do now, but unfortunately, it's true. First of all these popular Japanese rules contain a large amount of salt and as you know, salt is enemy number one when it comes to health? Eating too much salt dehydrates your skin and sucks the radius out of it and dull skin isn't very attractive. Plus salty foods cause your body to retain fluids and your skin cells are no different. So your face will look puffy

4- breakfast cereals . I can hear the pleas for mercy right now whatever you do don't take away my cereal. It's my livelihood. I'm sorry. But facts are facts even seemingly innocent cereals can be very harmful to your skin. To start with there are absolute, no natural ingredients there despite what the box says some of the ingredients are genetically modified which can make your skin itchy cause allergic reactions and lead to acne breakouts. Also, popular serials often contain synthetic vitamins that our body can't physically be utilized.

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