fruit diet and its benefits and harms

Dieting ... The world of diet and weight loss seems to be still full of many recipes. Since most women and girls have difficulty in dieting, dietitians have only developed a varied list of these weight loss regimens. Maybe to encourage us or even to choose from what suits us. For years, the fruit diet has been very popular, and some believe it is the magic solution that can rid them of those extra pounds.

fruit diet

But! Did you know that this system is not as easy as some think as it has many advantages that have damage as well? So we decided today to collect you everything related to the fruit diet of the advantages and damages as well as the way it is applied ...

What is a fruit diet?

It is a vegetarian diet that does not contain any animal products whether meat, dairy, eggs, and others. It also does not contain legumes and grains. It depends mainly on fruits but can be accompanied by some vegetables or nuts.

Fruit Diet Rules:

This diet has some strict rules that must be adhered to by those who will do it, which we have collected for you in the following points ...
- Drinking sufficient quantities of water daily, not less than 12 cups of water.
- Avoid exercise.
- Drink protein supplements.
- Keep away from caffeine, tea, coffee, Nescafe drinks.
- Stay away from eating dried fruits.

Do you Can everyone follow this diet?

This was one of the most frequently asked questions, so we decided to compile a list of people who would warn them to follow ...
- Pregnant women
- People with low immunity
- The owners of chronic diseases such as diabetics
- Women during lactation

benefits of the diet of fruits:

At first, we should know very well about this diet can be applied only for three days. It features some features including ...
- Cleanse the digestive system
- Get rid of food addiction
- succeeds in reducing between 4 and 4 and a half kilograms

risks of Fruit diet :

Despite the advantages of this diet, it has many damages and risks, which we have already talked about some of the damage to the diet of fruits, but this time we collected for you the most dangerous ...
- Follow the system for more than 3 days harm the body and become very weak.
- Sometimes it causes diarrhea due to the fact that the fruits are high in fiber.
- There is a possibility of a large weight gain again quickly once the system is stopped.
- The cells of the body need only a certain amount of proteins a day, which will not provide this system.
- This system lacks calcium, which will significantly affect bone health.

What fruits are allowed in this diet?

We must agree at the outset that any dried fruit is completely banned by this system.
- Sweet fruits such as dates, bananas, and figs.
- Fatty fruits such as avocado, olives, coconut.
- Starchy fruits like pumpkins
- Watermelon
- Citrus fruits such as grapefruit, orange, tangerine, peach, raspberry.


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