the ordinary skincare routine tips in Autumn

Autumn is characterized by constant fluctuations, keep your skin constantly dry, which leads to itching. This happens not only to you but to every woman, especially at this time of year and for different skin types. But you can solve this problem by learning some important the ordinary skincare routine tips in Autumn to protect your skin from dryness during the fall.
the ordinary skincare routine
Lotion to get rid of dust:

Use a lotion suitable for your skin type that helps you deep clean the skin without making it dry. Preferably that contains a percentage of moisturizing. It helps you get rid of the dust that can accumulate on the skin as a result of the constant fluctuations of autumn with moisturizing.

Avoid using hot water on the skin:

One of the things that can destroy your skin in autumn and winter is washing the face with hot water. This method increases the problem of dry skin even if you use a good moisturizer, this will not be an effective solution to treat the problem of dry skin. One of the important steps in your daily skincare routine is to use lukewarm water instead of hot water. It is constantly moisturized especially after using the lotion. As well as before bedtime, take care to apply a moisturizer on your skin to keep it from drying out. It is not only best to rely on a moisturizer, but care should be taken to apply natural masks that make the skin always better.

Exfoliation is an important step that you do not give up:

Attention to exfoliation is one of the important things that can make it perfect and flawless. Most skincare experts recommend peeling the face down to keep it smooth. In this autumn climate, dust controls the weather and leads to dry skin. So you have to take care of facial peeling but in a less than usual way that is done once a week. It is also recommended to use a scrub that contains a high percentage of oils to keep the skin moisturized as long as possible.

Avoid alcohol-based toner:

Certainly, after peeling, you should use a toner to close the pores and keep them clean and cleansed well. But be aware that the toner you use may contain a percentage of alcohol that can dry out the skin. So avoid using alcohol-based toner and choose a type that doesn't dry out the skin because you need to moisturize.

Do not stop applying sunscreen:

Some girls think that once the summer months are over, you should stop using sunscreen or sunblock. But this is not true because once the sun shines you will be exposed to harmful rays that can affect your skin. This is why you should take care of applying the Sun Block before going out of the house to ensure that your skin is preserved and protected from harmful sunlight.

Attention to drinking water:

Drinking at least one liter of water a day will help keep your skin moist. If you are a person who misses drinking water, you can set the alarm as a reminder. Make sure that the strongest effect on your skin is caused by water and not by moisturizing products.


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