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Tips for applying makeup for sensitive eyes

Sensitive eyes are one of the most common problems among most women. I am one of those girls who suffer from a sensitive eye problem, which makes it difficult to approach and apply makeup over the eye or income because it tears spoil. So I started looking for ways to apply makeup without facing any problems with very simple tricks, so find out with us ...

sensitive eye 

Use an eye drop before makeup

 Take care to apply eye drops before applying make-up to avoid tears from sensitive eyes. Certainly, I would not recommend you to use any kind of drops that can harm the health of your eyes. But take care of your doctor for a drop to remove dust and moisturize the eye and this is what I use because it removes any redness and at the same time reduces the runny tears that continue throughout the period of application of makeup or even after.

Is the makeup brush clean?

You should pay close attention to cleaning the entire brush and make-up tools first because the accumulation of bacteria on them can cause irritation and runny tears. Keep in mind that the makeup you use is good and its validity is not over yet. Because the use of old products will certainly harm the health of your eyes and increase the problem of runny tears.

Use anti-allergic makeup products :

There are many makeup products available on the market that show you the word hypoallergenic or in English Hypoallergenic. This means that it is suitable for people with allergies, both skin and eyes, and can be found in products such as mascara, eyelid shadows, and eyeliner. So if you have allergies that appear in the form of tears when applying make-up, certainly because of the use of traditional makeup that contains chemicals that are harmful and harmful to the eye.

Use an eye primer:

 Before applying makeup to the eye area, care should be taken to start with the primer cream, to ensure that no tears will flow while applying makeup. The primer helps smooth the skin and the area around the eye so that you are not susceptible to inflammation, irritation, and tears.

Avoid applying kohl to the lower eyelid:

One of the things that always causes tears to run when applying kohl in the lower eyelid is the inside. For this, I advise you to stay away from the application of eye makeup from the inside because it will increase the problem of a sensitive eye and thus will lead to runny tears significantly and just put kohl outside the eye.

Avoid using makeup powder around the eye

Using make-up powder around the eyes area will increase the problem of runny tears without stopping, and thus will spoil your makeup on the face. That's why it's best not to use it and you can replace it with a makeup fixer that is sprayed on the face through a spray glass, to get the same result but in a way that doesn't affect your eyes.

Remove makeup before bed

 Care should be taken to keep your skin and eyes healthy, so it is advisable to remove makeup before going to bed. To maintain perfect skin. Because the presence of make-up on the eye area for a long time will increase the sensitivity and abound of runny tears. It will also make your eyes constantly irritated as makeup is left on the eye for a long time.

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