Reasons for rapid weight gain and ways to avoid it

There are several reasons that can lead to rapid weight gain, as this can be observed even without eating too much. Here are the reasons for this.

Reasons for rapid weight gain and ways to avoid it

Reasons for rapid weight gain and ways to avoid it

Some people notice that their weight increases quickly and without reason, and this varies according to the nature of the body, as there are some pathological causes and wrong habits that lead to faster weight gain.

Reasons for rapid weight gain
Here are the main reasons why you gain weight quickly.

1- Water retention

Eating too much salt leads to water retention in the body, and the accumulation of toxins in the body causes fluid retention.

2- Hypothyroidism

Thyroid problems cause hormones to break down in the body, as hypothyroidism causes weight gain dramatically and quickly.

The hormones influence the body's metabolism and thus hinder fat burning.

3- Polycystic ovary syndrome

It is another condition caused by an imbalance in the estrogen and testosterone hormones, and this imbalance leads to irregular menstrual cycles, acne, and increased facial hair growth.

This disruption disrupts the way the body uses insulin, "the hormone responsible for converting carbohydrates into energy," meaning weight gain.

When the body becomes insulin resistant, sugars and starches are stored as fat instead of converted into energy.

4- Extreme stress

Severe stress and increased stress are linked to high levels of the body's hormone cortisol, which affects fat burning in the body.

The high percentage of this hormone increases the desire to eat sugars that cause weight gain.

The lack of sleep is one of the reasons that increase the levels of the hormone cortisol in the body.

5- Malnutrition

Depriving the body of important nutrients does not mean reducing food intake significantly, because this can affect the body with many diseases, and weakens the body's burning process.

For example, a lack of protein in the body affects the muscle mass in the body and at that time weakens the metabolism and burn fat.

Also, not eating small meals between the basic meals, which are vegetables and fruits, will reduce body fat burning.

6- Eat unhealthy foods

Some think that consuming low-fat foods will not affect weight.

In fact, fats, fries, and sugars cause weight gain quickly and significantly, even when consumed in small quantities.

On the contrary, healthy and useful foods can be consumed in appropriate quantities to cause a feeling of satiety without gaining weight.

7- Take some medications

Before you start taking any new medicine without a prescription or even a doctor’s prescription, you should talk to your doctor about the possible side effects of this medicine.

There are some medications that cause weight gain rapidly and rapidly, such as depression and high blood pressure medications.

If you gain a significant amount of weight after continuing to take one of the medicines, you can talk to the doctor to replace it with another appropriate one.

8- Eat at night

A common cause of rapid weight gain is eating more at night.

As many people feel very hungry at night, which leads them to eat large amounts of fatty foods that lead to weight gain.

Methods of prevention of rapid weight gain

Some methods help prevent rapid weight gain and include:

_ Not to multiply from salts and sugars:

 Because both of them hinder metabolism and burning the body. The salts also cause fluid retention and swelling in the body significantly.

_ Drink more water:

 Water helps to promote metabolism and rid the body of toxins, as well as feel full in the event of hunger between meals, so drinking water ensures that weight is not greatly increased.

_ Sleep early: 

It is important to improve the burning process and regulate the hormones responsible for metabolism in the body. Also, sleeping early helps avoid eating food at night, which increases the possibility of weight gain.

_ Follow a healthy diet:

 Pay attention to the foods we eat and choose healthy ones, and stay away from fatty and fatty foods that lead to rapid weight gain.

_ Playing sports:

 You should also pay attention to exercising while following a healthy diet, as it helps in maintaining weight and increasing burning.
In the event that the weight gain was caused by a health problem such as hormonal imbalance, you should follow up with the doctor to treat this problem, and then you can return to normal weight.


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