symptoms that you should not ignore if the menstruation time occurs

The nature of the menstrual cycle (menstruation) differs from one woman to another. Some people have a period that lasts for up to a week, and others are interrupted after only two days.

symptoms that you should not ignore if the menstruation time occurs

symptoms that you should not ignore if the menstruation time occurs

But there are signs or symptoms that a woman is exposed to at times during the menstrual cycle, which may not be reassuring and you need when consulting a doctor because it may be a sign of infection with some diseases. Through the following, we can identify the most prominent of these symptoms that warn you of the necessity of resorting to the doctor:

1- Menopause

Menstruation usually begins every 28 days, but suddenly interrupting a period of two months or more indicates a problem that requires consulting a doctor. Although menopause is one of the worrisome things that indicate a defect, there are some reasons that may lead to this, such as:
 - The great psychological pressure that may lead to this condition
 - A hormone defect that causes it to be interrupted
 - Undergo intense exercise that led to her sudden interruption.

2- Bleeding:

The amount of menstrual blood varies from one woman to another, but if the cycle calls for a sanitary pad to be changed every hour, this means there is bleeding, and this requires the doctor’s help. The causes of bleeding vary from simple hormone defects to the possibility of vaginal cancer or fallopian tubes, so prompt medical advice is required in such a case.

3- Irregular menstruation:

The menstrual cycle usually extends from 2 to 7 days, but the occurrence of the menstrual period for a period of either very short or very long indicates some disorders that require consulting a doctor, and if the menstrual cycle is irregular and varies in the number of days that you are accustomed to, this may be a dangerous indication.

4- Painful cramps:

The occurrence of very painful cramps that require you to take strong analgesics, go to the hospital, or the inability to carry out your daily tasks, this means there is a problem that requires consulting a doctor and doing the necessary analyzes.

5- Bleeding between each menstrual cycle:

Exposure to bleeding, even a few blood drops, between each menstrual cycle and the following may be an indication of serious diseases such as tumors, and this symptom cannot be overlooked.

6- Chest pain:

Usually, the menstrual cycle is accompanied by some pain in the abdomen, chest, and even back, but if it is accompanied by severe pain for a long time, especially in the chest, you should do examinations and x-rays as directed by the doctor.

7- Diarrhea and vomiting:

Most women experience diarrhea or vomiting during the menstrual period, but if it comes out of the ordinary, this indicates other health problems and you must inform your doctor about them.


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