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ways to treat sore throats at home

Viruses often cause sore throats, but there are simple home remedies to deal with:

 ways to treat sore throats at home
 ways to treat sore throats at home

 ways to treat sore throats at home

1- Drinking fluids:
Liquids are useful in maintaining the moisture of the mucous membranes, and water is considered the best of these fluids, followed by tea, but it should not be drunk very hot, so as not to damage the mucous membranes, according to the magazine "About Umchao".

2- Chewing gum:
The German magazine notes that eating gum and candies stimulates the secretion of saliva, which promotes moisture in the throat.
3- Breathe fresh air:
Those who remain at home should ensure that they are well ventilated to get fresh air, knowing that hot air dries up mucous membranes, which reduces virus resistance, and the injured person should avoid running and other sports and replace them with walking.

4- Emulsifying tablets:
If the pain is too strong, lozenges may soothe the pain by affecting the site of inflammation. Ordinary pain relievers can also be taken in severe cases.

When to seek medical help?
The patient should consult a doctor if the pain persists for more than six days, or the inflammation is accompanied by a fever or trouble breathing.

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