What is the new corona virus ?

What is the new Corona Virus A new type of Coronavirus has emerged in China, and it has received several names such as the new Coronavirus, the emerging coronavirus, the new mutated Coronavirus, or the Coronavirus, where the first reports of its spread began in mid-December of In 2019, cases recorded with his infection are still increasing rapidly since the beginning of 2020,

The total confirmed cases of the new virus have reached 67,192 people, 66,497 of them in China, and caused the death of 1527 individuals until the date of the last article update on 15-2-2020,
It is worth noting that the number of injuries outside China reached 695 in 25 other countries: Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Singapore, France, Germany, Nepal, Malaysia, USA, Canada, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, UAE, Philippines, India, Finland, Italy, Britain, Sweden, Spain, Russia, and Belgium, in addition to Egypt, are the last to join the list of countries that have been infected with the new Coronavirus, as Egypt has recorded one infection for a foreigner on its soil.

1- Symptoms of the new Coronavirus

 The World Health Organization indicated that the severity of symptoms of infection with the new coronavirus varies from case to case. Common symptoms of a respiratory infection include, in addition to the possibility of severe symptoms in the event of infection of the lungs, where the report stated that the available evidence indicates that most cases Infection with the new coronavirus shows slight to moderate symptoms, while 20% of them suffer from more severe infections and symptoms including pneumonia, respiratory failure, and death in some cases, and accordingly we mention the following symptoms and signs of infection with the new coronavirus:

- Coughing. Sneeze.
- High temperature and fever.
- In some severe cases, the symptoms included pneumonia, acute respiratory distress, kidney failure, and death. The appearance of these symptoms is more common in some special groups such as those with weak immune systems, people with heart and lung disease, the elderly, and young children.

2- Methods of transmission of a new coronavirus

 In general, coronaviruses, including the new coronavirus, are transmitted according to available evidence through contact with infected people via respiratory drops by:
- Sneeze.
- Coughing.
- Touching or shaking hands with an infected person without washing hands afterward, rubbing the eyes, nose, or mouth.
- Touching a contaminated surface or tool with a virus that was reached by an infected person without washing hands afterward, and rubbing the eyes or nose,

3_Prevention of the new Coronavirus

There is no vaccine to prevent the new coronavirus at the present time, and it is the only way to prevent it by following general advice and guidelines to reduce the transmission of respiratory infections from one person to another, although no official cases of the new coronavirus have been registered in any Arab country yet, except for A few infections are recorded in the UAE, and the only infection is in Egypt, but the accelerating spread of this virus requires the following precautionary and preventive measures, and these guidelines will help its followers to reduce the risk of infection with various respiratory infections such as: colds, influenza, and others, and we mention among these Tips and advice provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the prevention of the new Coronavirus include:
 - Washing the hands for at least twenty seconds with soap and water regularly, and if soap and water are not available, alcohol-based hand sanitizers can be used.
 - Avoid touching or rubbing the eyes, nose, or face with unwashed hands.
 - Avoid direct contact with individuals with respiratory infections.
 - Staying at home in the event of a respiratory infection to avoid transmitting the infection to others. Cover the nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing with a tissue, and dispose of them appropriately afterward.


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