For the first time ... there are no new infections with the Coronavirus in Wuhan, China

China announced today that it has not recorded during the past 24 hours any new local source of the emerging coronavirus, in a precedent of its kind since Beijing began counting the infections in January.

Bloomberg News, quoting Chinese health authorities, also reported that for the first time, no new infections were reported yesterday in Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus, nearly two months after the city was closed.

In contrast, the authorities announced a significant increase in the number of injuries from abroad, while 819 people recovered and left the hospital, bringing the total number of those recovering to 70,420 cases.
The National Health Committee said that during the past 24 hours, it had counted 34 new cases of the epidemic, all of them by foreigners who caught the infection while they were outside the country. This is the highest daily toll recorded in the country in two weeks.

According to the committee, the largest portion of new infections were recorded in Beijing (21 cases), followed by Guangdong Province in the south of the country (9 cases), and Shanghai (two cases), while the remaining two cases were recorded in Heilongjiang (northeast) and Zhejiang (east) provinces.

This brings the total number of infections in China to 189.

To avoid these people spreading the epidemic again in the country, the authorities imposed a mandatory quarantine on everyone entering the country.


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