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How to clean the phone from bacteria and germs

Did you clean your phone today? Don't be surprised by the question, as you know we rely heavily on our cell phones and we need them every moment of our lives. This means that they are always exposed to bacteria and germs. In fact, it is the fastest way to contract various diseases, from the skin to viruses. Every time you hold your phone, it transfers bacteria to and from your hands, face, and every surface the phone touches.

While we all try to prevent infection with viruses, cleaning the phone from bacteria and germs is essential and indispensable.

You can easily do it through several steps, which are ...

How to clean a smartphone

1- Disconnect your phone from any attachments such as earphones or charger.
2- Turn off the phone completely and let it cool down a little.
3- Remove the screen or phone case.
4- In a spray bottle, mix an equal percentage of distilled water and alcohol, shake the bottle well.
5- Spray a number of the previous ingredients on a lint-free cloth, making sure not to get completely wet.
6- Wipe the phone with this piece of cloth from the back and front.
7- For small areas, such as the area around the camera lens, you can clean it with cotton swabs or ear-cleaning sticks.
8- Leave the phone aside for 15 minutes to dry completely.
9- Wash the Cover phone case under warm water, then disinfect it with alcohol.
10- With a mixture of distilled water and alcohol, clean all phone accessories, whether it is headphones or a charger.
11- After 15 minutes, put the phone in the case and turn it on.

Be careful ...

1- Never use glass cleaner or house surfaces to clean the phone.
2- Candida or ammonia destroy the phone.
3- Alcohol cannot be dispensed with or replaced with something else to disinfect the phone.
4- Not to spray the distilled water and alcohol mixture directly on the phone.

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