A natural recipe for filling and eliminating hair voids

Hairspaces are a problem that some women suffer from, so they resort to many methods to get rid of them and regrow their hair. Besides using hair care products that help prevent hair loss and fill in the gaps again, you can resort to natural ingredients. From here, we will show you in the video above and in the following lines about a mixture that is easy to implement at home, for you to enjoy non-falling and healthy hair.

How to make an olive oil mixture to fill the hair spaces

the ingredients:

  • 5 tablespoons of olive oil

Benefits of olive oil for hair:

Olive oil contributes to lengthening hair because it is rich in vitamin E, which fights hair loss, stimulates blood circulation and strengthens hair follicles.
Olive oil contains antioxidants that moisturize and nourish hair from the roots.
Olive oil is anti-bacterial, which provides protection for hair and scalp and makes it clean and free of
infection, as it is useful in removing itching from the scalp.
Olive oil also has anti-fungal properties, making it able to remove dandruff and prevent it from regenerating again.
Olive oil makes hair smoother thanks to the moisture it provides for long-lasting hair and adds shine to the hair.

  • 3 tablespoons of exit oil

The benefits of castor oil for hair:

Castor oil moisturizes hair thanks to its vitamin C content.
Castor oil treats dandruff and itchy scalp problem.
Castor oil improves blood circulation in the scalp, which helps to strengthen the roots of the hair and promote its growth again, thanks to the presence of fatty acids such as omega 6 and 9.
Castor oil treats damaged and brittle hair as it contains vitamin E.

  • Spoon of cinnamon

Cinnamon benefits for hair:

Cinnamon effectively reduces hair loss, protects it from damage and keeps it from breaking due to weather fluctuations or various other symptoms.
Cinnamon relieves dandruff and relieves severe itching.
Cinnamon helps remove toxins and bacteria stuck in the hair, which are the result of many different environmental factors.
Cinnamon effectively softens hair within a short time, making it vital and hydrated throughout the day.
Cinnamon limits the problem of split hair, as it contains many vitamins.
Cinnamon helps get rid of the problem of baldness in hair.
Cinnamon contributes to lengthening hair in a short time thanks to the many vitamins and minerals it contains.

  • Spoon of lemon

Benefits of lemon for hair:

Lemon promotes blood circulation in the scalp, which helps to strengthen the hair from the roots, thanks to it contains citric acid and ascorbic acid.
Lemon helps soften hair and revitalizes it.

How to prepare:

Mix the ingredients together, massage your scalp with the mixture you got before bed and wrap it with a towel. The next day, wash your hair with shampoo as usual.

Of course, this natural mixture will not be sufficient alone to fill the hair spaces, but you must go through some additional steps to regrow the strands again.

Additional steps you must take to fill in the hair space:

Make sure to follow a healthy, balanced diet, rich in minerals and vitamins that helps hair grow. In fact, deficiency of one of the vitamins in your body, especially biotin, may lead to hair loss. To reduce hair gaps, eat dairy products, vegetables, eggs, salmon and avocado.
Massage your scalp daily with aloe vera gel, leave it on your hair for two hours, then wash it. This step helps you to promote blood circulation, which stimulates hair growth faster, which leads to filling the hair spaces day after day.
Take nutritional supplements that help fill hair gaps and boost collagen, after consulting a doctor who will prescribe the vitamin that is right for your problem and will determine how much you should take.
Avoid tightening your strands when lifting them, to avoid hair loss and the emergence of voids that you do not need.


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