How to teach your child the correct way to wash hands?

The title of the article may seem a little strange, yes I know. It is only natural that every mother teaches her child from childhood to wash his hands for his cleanliness and so that he does not get sick. But are you sure that you are teaching your child the correct way to wash hands ?! Are you sure this method protects it from bacteria and germs ?! Do you have certain that he washes his hands frequently during the day ?!

 Well, I know how much every mother makes every effort to run after her little ones to convince them of the simplest things, ranging from washing face, teeth, eating, and even sleeping early.

 So we realize that it is not easy to persuade a child to wash hands correctly and repeatedly during the day. But don't worry, this is what we're going to help you with today ...

How do you teach your child the correct way to wash hands?

Some mothers believe that her child knows the correct way to wash hands, although she did not teach him that! Others think that it is just putting hands under the water and drying them afterward. But to make sure your child is healthy and protected from viruses,

Learn about the steps for teaching children to wash hands ...

1- Have your child stand by you and watch what you do until he imitates you.
2- Wet your hands with warm water, then rub them with soap.
3- Make sure that the soap permeates between your fingers and on the surface and inside of your hands and do this for 20 seconds (you can choose a song that is close to this period so that it is easy for your child to calculate the time after that. Or count in front of him from 1-20)
4- Wash your hands with warm water, then close the tap with a paper towel and dispose of it immediately.
5- Ask your child to copy you now, and follow what he does.
6- Make him repeat the command more than once so that he does not forget it.

1- The child may not memorize all steps from the first time, so the matter must be repeated before him more than once.
2- Place a ladder or wood chair for your child to stand on so that he can wash his hands in the sink.
3- Teach your child how to open the water tap.
4- Try to adjust the water temperature yourself so that your child does not get hurt by hot water.

Tips to encourage children to wash hands

1- Talk to him about the reasons and the necessity of washing your hands. He understands well. You don't need to give him orders just to execute them without realizing their benefit or the reason for doing them. Talk to your child kindly about what we face. For example, tell him that in order to continue playing and running throughout the day, he must be in good health and not be ill. In order for him to become in this condition, he must maintain his personal hygiene, and therefore he must wash his hands from time to time because he touches with it many things that may have been touched by another person and contaminated.

Also, if your child is over 5 years old, talk to him about the presence of viruses that cause many diseases, such as coronavirus. Show him how harmful it can make him unable to play, watch cartoon movies and see his friends. In order to protect himself from it, he must wash his hands.

2- Make handwashing a fun job. Children feel bored quickly, especially if they do something that does not give them fun or enjoyment. To encourage your child to wash their hands frequently, make it fun and you will find him doing it on his own. For example, every time they sing a song, or they talk about funny things. You can choose a short story and segment it throughout the day, telling it a bit of it each time he washes his hands.

3- Specific times for washing hands
We know that you are busy with household chores, which causes you to lose sight of many things, such as reminding your child to wash his hands. Also, your dependence on the child to remember this on his own is not a good thing, as he is also busy playing. Just all you have to do is set the phone alarm every hour, to remind your child that it's time to wash his hands.

4- Rewards!
Yes, children love getting rewarded when they do something good. What do you think about preparing the candy your child prefers, and at the end of the day give him one as a reward for his commitment to washing his hands.

5- Soap or sterilizer with distinctive smells, of course, you know what smell your child prefers, then bring him a hand sanitizer or soap with the scent he prefers. I am sure that you will find him loves to wash his hands to smell this smell.


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