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Corona ... The United States crosses the 100,000-person threshold and the death meter is accelerating in Europe

The number of confirmed infections with the newly created Coronavirus in the United States on Friday exceeded the threshold of one hundred thousand cases. In comparison, the number of confirmed infections reached 18 thousand instances within one day, according to statistics by Johns Hopkins University, and thus became the first United States in the world in the number of officially declared cases of the virus.

US President Donald Trump has announced the activation of the Defense Production Act to counter the epidemic. The law allows General Motors to speed up the production of ventilators needed to save people living with the virus, and also gives the Minister of Homeland Security exceptional powers in the fight against the epidemic.

Trump said on Friday that the United States would produce 100,000 artificial respirators within 100 days, noting that he had appointed White House adviser Peter Navarro as coordinator of the Defense Production Act.

"We will build a lot of ventilators," Trump said, vowing to meet the needs of the United States while providing aid to other countries.

The US President has signed emergency relief legislation that includes the most substantial economic rescue package in US history. Congress voted on the final version of the $ 2 trillion financial aid package that provides for helping American families and companies affected by the consequences of the spread of the Coronavirus that forced them to stop work and production, and Trump said that this package was the largest ever in a country's history.

On Friday, Italy announced the registration of nearly a thousand deaths within 24 hours, a record number of victims of the virus worldwide.

With these new deaths, the total number of deaths in Italy rises to 9134, an increase of 969 new cases. Still, the frequency of infection continues to decline as the percentage of new cases recorded grew by 7.4%, the lowest since the start of the epidemic in the country more than a month ago.

As for China, where the virus appeared about four months ago, the authorities intend to temporarily close the country's borders to most foreigners and reduce the number of international flights significantly from midnight on Saturday, after recording 55 new cases of Coronavirus within 24 hours, 54 of whom came from abroad.

Record toll
In Spain, 769 new deaths were recorded in one day, which is a unique record number bringing the total number of deaths in this country to 4858 deaths, which is the second-highest death toll in Europe after Italy.

In France, health authorities announced the registration of 299 new deaths from the virus, bringing the total to 1995, while the government decided to extend the public quarantine imposed in the country two weeks until April 15, at the latest.

The total number of injuries increased to 32,964, an increase of 13% within 24 hours.

This comes, while the evacuation of patients in trains or air to relieve pressure on hospitals in the north of the country is the main focus of disease, and the Paris region is close to exhausting hospital energies, with 1,300 patients in intensive care departments.

In Britain, the number of deaths due to the virus increased to 759, while the number of infected people reached 14579, an increase of 31%. This is the seventh rate globally after the United States, China, Italy, Spain, Iran, and France.
As for Turkey, its president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, called on citizens to implement "voluntary quarantine" and not leave their homes except for basic needs, after the number of infections in the country’s Coronavirus jumped by a third in one day to 5698 and the number of deaths increased to 92.

Erdogan also announced the suspension of all international flights, indicating that councils to fight the epidemic will be formed in 30 major cities in Turkey to take additional precautions if necessary.

In tightening measures to cope with the outbreak, the Turkish authorities also restricted inter-city bus traffic, banned hiking, fishing on the coast, and jogging in forests and parks.

In Russia, the Kremlin confirmed a case of coronavirus infection Friday in the administration of President Vladimir Putin.

The number of confirmed cases climbed to a record daily level for the third consecutive day, to 1036 cases, while four people died of the disease.

Putin announced that next week will be a holiday, and Moscow - the region hardest hit by the virus - will close all cafes, restaurants, and shops, except those that sell food and medicine until April 5.

Corona and the Arabs
On the Arab level, the Moroccan Ministry of Finance said on Friday that the kingdom will spend two billion dirhams (200 million dollars) in principle to help the health system in the face of the outbreak of the Coronavirus, with the number of confirmed infections in the country increasing to 333 and the number of deaths to 23.

In Tunisia, the number of virus victims rose to 7 after recording the death of a person on Friday evening in the southern city of Sfax. In contrast, the number of infections rose from Friday to 227 after 30 new cases were recorded.

In Jordan, the authorities announced at dawn today the first death recorded due to the Coronavirus, for a woman in her eighties, and the number of infections on Friday witnessed a remarkable increase, bringing the total number to 235 cases.

On Friday, the UAE Ministry of Health announced the registration of 72 new cases of the virus, taking the number of infections to 405.

Qatar announced 13 new cases on Friday, taking the total number of cases recorded to 562.

Africa, In the context of warnings of the seriousness of the new Corona epidemic, the WHO's Regional Director for Africa said Friday that the continent is facing a "dramatic development of the outbreak.

Among the 47 African countries, there are 39 countries currently affected, compared to one country just one month ago, indicating that there are about 300 cases of HIV infection daily, calling for African countries to intensify precautionary measures, Macdecesio Rebecca Moti said.

Source: Al-Jazeera + agencies

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