Chlorine is not suitable for sterilizing all places. Your guide to correct use of antiseptics

The panic caused by the outbreak of the Coronavirus led to the purchase of huge quantities of disinfectants, tools and sterilization fluids, which led to the depletion of these products from many stores, but after obtaining these products some may use them incorrectly and lose their benefit, so what are the proper methods for sterilization and disinfection?

House clearing

All fine antiques, statues and dried roses should be isolated at home or work, as it is difficult to sterilize them because there are many folds in them, so it is advised to completely isolate them and cover them with bags to facilitate the daily sterilization process later.
The first step in disinfecting household surfaces is by using a package of dilute chlorine (20 cm chlorine mixed with a filter of water), and it is placed in a spray to spray surfaces and wipe the floors.

This package is not suitable for use except within 24 hours, because it will lose its ability to cleanse and a new solution must be made every day, and that cycle must be repeated once every 24 hours on the same surfaces that must remain wet for a period of not less than five minutes before drying it, and it is better to leave it To dry with air if possible.

Care should be taken to disinfect places most vulnerable to pollution, such as door entry, windows, and shoes.

Daily sanitation, including toilets and bathrooms, is renewed, sterilized, and cleaned every day, including toilets and bathrooms, except in the case of a person with colds and coughs. In the absence of a private bathroom for the patient, the bathroom must be disinfected after every use and not once throughout the day.

This solution is valid for the disinfection of any surface of fabrics, minerals, woods, and clothing that may have come in contact with cough spray or places crowded with public transportation. It can also be used to spray on products purchased on store shelves and it is believed that they may have been exposed to any contamination or wiped with a cloth moistened with solution.

While the diluted chlorine solution is not suitable at all as a disinfectant for human skin, it is possible to use products that suit skin or alcohol with hand washing regularly.

Store sterilization fluids

As for sterilization fluids known in the market as Dettol, FullFact, a UK fact-finding agency, said that independent labs have yet to prove Dettol's effectiveness in killing the new Coronavirus (Covid-19).

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