Is drinking water while eating healthy?

Drinking water while eating a meal facilitates digestion. It also plays a role in feeling full and avoiding overeating.

In a report published by the Spanish magazine "Mukhur Kon Salud", writer Yamila Baba Pintor said that there are two opposite positions regarding the benefits of drinking water while eating, supporter and opponent.

The writer indicated that we all know the benefits of drinking water. The body may need water for our organs and cells to function. In addition, drinking water helps get rid of toxins and moisturize the organs as well as transfer minerals to cells. Therefore, it is advisable to get used to consuming two to two and a half liters per day.
A while ago, there was discussion about whether drinking water while eating is a good thing or a harmful habit. Does it help to lose weight? Does it modify the digestion? Can it keep us more fluid?

The author highlighted that water has no calories. If we drink water before lunch or dinner, the stomach will be filled, and this will make us eat less but we will not lose weight.

In this regard, a study by the American Chemical Society in Boston concluded that those who drank two cups of water before eating consumed 10-25% fewer calories, because the water quenched their hunger or because we sometimes believed we had appetite while it was in Really feeling thirsty.

Among the common beliefs is the fact that drinking water while eating meals results in the appearance of the rumen as a result of the body retaining fluids.
Drinking water also stimulates kidney function and helps us to balance the body's water levels, regardless of time or what we do, meaning even while eating, so there is a strong view that there is no objection to drinking water during a meal and that it helps to satiate.

Is it better to drink water while eating or after?

According to the author's point of view, it is recommended to drink water before eating, adding that water at room temperature or warm is better than cold water or to which we add cubes of ice.

What happens if we drink juices or soft drinks instead of water?

The author added that water is the best type of liquid to drink. However, to hydrate our bodies we can also get juices from fruits and vegetables. Drinking natural juices can be a healthy choice for moisturizing. However, we should be aware that choosing soda can be the most harmful choice for our health due to the large number of sugars it contains.

When and how should we drink water?

The author confirmed that the recommended amount of water to drink daily ranges between two and two and a half liters. Note that this quantity varies according to the person, his age and gender. And we must not forget that we can also obtain the necessary water from food. In addition, we need to hydrate our body more during periods of high temperatures.

In general, the debate still remains about whether it is good to drink water while eating or not because as of yet there are not many studies that support one theory or the other.

The writer concluded that the issue of drinking water is related to our bodies and how we feel. It is clear that drinking water while eating will make us feel heavy even if we have a lightweight and it might be a good idea to change this habit. And if we stop drinking any kind of liquid while eating, a glass of water at the end of the meal will not hurt at all.


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