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Mint mixture for fresh skin and tighten pores

An important step that you should not neglect in your aesthetic routine is peeling. The latter is your first key to getting white, bright and glowing skin. Also, the process of exfoliation regenerates cells from the depths, reducing the appearance of dark spots and reducing fine lines. Along with skin exfoliation products, you can prepare a mint exfoliation method at home for fresh skin and tighten pores.

How to make mint exfoliation at home for fresh skin and tight pores

the ingredients

  • Spoon dry mint:

The aesthetic benefits of mint are many, most notably on the skin:

Mint leaves contain salicylic acid and are an anti-inflammatory agent. It is used to remove impurities suspended by the pores and thus prevents clogging.
Peppermint helps reduce oxidative stress on the skin and thus treats acne and dark spots. Also, mint contains flavonoids and phenolic compounds, which are antioxidant properties, inhibiting the activity of harmful free radicals that cause the appearance of early signs of aging and also fight against acne-causing bacteria.
Peppermint is one of the natural herbs that helps in lightening the skin and maintaining its freshness and softness. Peppermint also limits the growth of bacteria that cause grains, and thus treat acne scars in a short time.

  • Powdered milk spoon:

The benefits of milk are many, most notably:

Rich in vitamins A and D and lactic acid, which helps moisturize and smooth the skin.
It cleanses the skin from the depths, purifies it, relieves it from dark spots and reduces pores.
It acts as a skin exfoliator, as it contains lactic acid, which is a form of alpha-hydroxy acid that removes dead skin. Milk whitens the face and makes it glow free from any impurities.
It fights inflamed pimples and acne thanks to its vitamin D.
Reduces puffiness of eyes thanks to the good fats it contains, and relieves them of dark circles.
Reduces excess oil secretions on your face, if you have oily or mixed skin.
It reduces fine lines and promotes collagen in the skin, thanks also to Vitamin D. The latter works to tighten the skin and make it more youthful, as it protects the skin from free radicals that cause premature aging.

  • Two tablespoons of honey:

Honey has antiseptic properties that help get rid of the bacteria and microbes that cause acne.
Small amounts of natural gluconic acid and alpha hydroxide in honey help remove dead skin cells and stimulate blood circulation for a brighter and more radiant complexion.
Honey has anti-bacterial properties, so it is beneficial for whitening and moisturizing the skin at the same time, and it also reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

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