5 mistakes to avoid when removing nail polish

Nail care is something that all girls have on their minds, especially if they constantly apply nail polish, and in order to maintain their strength, you always take care to avoid making any mistakes that could weaken the nails.

 Although I am not a fan of applying nail polish constantly, one of my friends asked me one day that she suffers from weak nails, especially when removing nails. This is why I collected the most common mistakes that can lead to nail breakage when removing manicures.

1- Peel the nail polish with your fingers

One of the mistakes a lot of girls make to try to get rid of nail polish. This is because the habit can remove a thin layer of nails that you cannot see, and thus become very weak, causing them to break quickly. This is why it is best to resort to a nail polish remover if you want to get rid of it in an easy way that does not harm your nails.

2- Try to exfoliate the gel nail polish

Many girls make this mistake when trying to remove the gel nail polish in the usual way. However, this method can cause you many problems, most notably weak nails and breakage, in addition to removing a thin layer of nails. This is why the best way to remove gel nail polish is to soak the fingers in the nail polish remover and then remove them with a tissue.

3- Use nail polish remover that contains alcohol

Nail polish remover is a very harmful material on nails because it contains alcohol and acetone and both of them have a harmful effect because they lead to weakness and breakage of the nails easily. If you are one of the girls that change the color of the nails on a daily basis and removes them with a traditional nail polish remover, this is why I advise you to resort to the types that contain natural ingredients that can help you remove the nails without affecting your nails.

4- Using napkins to remove nails

There are some girls who remove nail polish using kitchen wipes or tissue paper, but this method is not correct, as it will be harsh on the skin and will not help you remove the nails easily. This is why there is nothing better than using cotton pads. They are easy to remove nails, leave no trace on your fingers and are gentle on the skin.

5- Forget applying a moisturizer after removing the nails

One of the common mistakes that most girls make is forgetting to apply a moisturizer or tonic to the nails or even natural nail care oils. Especially if you like applying nails constantly and want to change their shape and color all the time because the traditional nail polish remover can weaken the nails. This is why you should pay attention to applying a moisturizer or nail strengthening after removing the nails.


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