Natural ways to treat cough of all kinds at home

Natural ways to treat cough of all kinds at home

With the beginning of the winter season, the incidence of influenza, colds and other seasonal diseases, which are often accompanied by coughs of various kinds, increases. If you look around during these days, you will find that the majority suffer from it, and are looking for natural ways to treat coughing of all kinds.
That is why we decided today to share with you many natural prescriptions for cough treatment at home, without taking prescription drugs ...

 natural ways to treat cough of all kinds at home

What is a dry cough? It is a dry cough accompanied by sputum, and it is accompanied by swelling and congestion in the throat area.

 Causes of Dry Cough ...

1- Infection with colds and flu
2- Sore throat
3- Seasonal diseases
4- Allergy to the nose or mouth

Natural ways to treat dry cough

1- Gargle with water and salt

2- White honey for cough treatment

Eating a tablespoon of white honey in the morning or mixing it with tea is an effective natural way to treat dry cough.
3- Licorice It is known that liquorice is a natural beverage that plays a significant role in treating sore throats. So all you have to do is boil a dry amount of liquorice in an appropriate amount of water, leave it for 20 minutes and then eat it.

4- Garlic to treat dry cough
Although it is a recipe that many fear, but it has excellent effectiveness. It is a natural antiviral and antibacterial, so whatever the reason for the dry cough, it will get rid of you.

5- Ginger
When a person receives dry cough and feels severe pain in the area of ​​the throat and chest, here, ginger is an ideal option. It works as a natural sedative for coughing and a pain reliever.

6- Guava paper
It is always recommended to boil dry guava leaves and then eat them after sweetening them with honey. It has an effective treatment in coughing.

What is a night cough?

It is about of cough that worsens during the night or during sleep. This causes discomfort to the injured person in addition to his insomnia.

 What are the causes of cough tonight?

Night cough occurs as a result of the airways closing during sleep, due to the parasympathetic nervous system taking control.

 natural ways to treat night cough

If you want to avoid coughing during the night or while sleeping, we recommend the following recipes ...

1- Tea with honey before bed
Have a cup of decaffeinated tea sweetened with honey before bed. This will get rid of mucus in the airway and thus prevent you from having a night cough.

2- Steam sessions
Before bed, you can undergo a steam session. Put a quantity of water in a bowl over the fire and wait for the steam to rise and inhale. This will reduce the severity of infections.

What are the causes of coughing in children?

Children of all ages usually suffer from coughing, and it is for several reasons ...

1- Sore throat
2- Asthma or allergies 3- Esophageal reflux 4- Psychological causes
5- Cystic fibrosis

 ways to treat cough in children

It is usually not recommended to take steps to treat cough in children at home. It is advised to visit the doctor first to ensure that there is nothing serious behind the child's coughing. After making sure of his safety, the following recipes can be tried ...

 natural ways to treat cough in children

1- Drink a cup of honey and milk daily.
2- Drink a cup of ginger, honey and milk twice a day (morning and evening)
3- Drink a cup of star anise in the morning and evening.
4- Eat a cup of root juice daily.
5- Eat a cup of warm lemon sweetened with honey.
6- Grease the baby's chest with sesame oil and warm it well.


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