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If you are constantly cleaning your house and you think it is bacteria-free by seeing the brightness of tables and floors, you are wrong! Even if you are cleaning your house every hour, there are places that you cannot imagine that bacteria will hide in and may be causing harm to the health of family members. So we brought you the most popular of these areas to give you more attention while cleaning the house.

 Dishwashing sponge

A dishwashing sponge is one of the things most germs catch because of its open pores, permanent moisture and not being exposed to sunlight. This is in addition to the presence of plankton from the food residue in it, so try to put the sponge in the microwave once a week for two minutes at the highest temperature to kill the bacteria and then let it dry in the air before using it again in the dishwashing process.

Food cutting board

 All types of cutting boards, whether wood or plastic, carry many bacteria, as they cut all kinds of food. Make sure to clean the plastic cutting board by placing it in a dishwasher or cleaning it with boiling water, while the wooden cutting board has springs which make it more hidden for bacteria, so you should clean it with hydrogen peroxide (available in the pharmacy).


Of course, no one can do without the pillow during sleep, but it is, in fact, a fertile environment for germs because of the sweat and oils in the hair. So do not miss it, wash it well, clean its bags and expose it to air and sun continuously.


 Did you know that toothbrushes in the bathroom carry a lot of flying germs from the toilet? That is why you have to wash them thoroughly in the dishwasher and change them every three or four months. The best solution is to put the toothbrushes in an enclosed area or cover them with their own cover after drying.

Coffee machine

You might think that the water used in the coffee machines kills the germs, but it really does not reach the boiling point needed for that, as the tubes through which the water passes become wet and dark, which is the climate in which bacteria and germs adapt and grow. Use vinegar and sodium bicarbonate to clean the coffee machine continuously.

The inside edge of the toilet

We all know the interior of the toilet, that is, from which the siphon comes out, right? This part, due to the constant humidity, accumulates many germs inside. Do not forget to constantly clean it with water, vinegar and sodium microbes to protect yourself and your family from infection.


 Your mobile phone goes around with you wherever you go, sometimes even taking him to the bathroom! Therefore, the phone carries various types of bacteria. Whenever your hands touch something that has moved to it but do not worry, the solution lies in turning off the phone once a week and cleaning it well with cleansed wet wipes, and thus you get rid of germs permanently.

Door handles and lights switches

 We bet that you neglect to permanently cleanse these places during the process of cleaning your home, even though it is one of the most common things that come into contact with family members. Use effective antiseptics to clean these areas at least once a day. There is no need to tell you how large germs and bacteria may be accumulating on the bathroom door handle!

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