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8 steps to follow when drawing eyebrows

Most girls and women are looking for a way to draw eyebrows, without noticing that there are some rules that must be followed to get eyebrows that look closer to nature.

I was one of the girls who hesitated when drawing their eyebrows for fear of getting a strange inappropriate shape, but with the research, I found that there are a lot of rules to consider when drawing eyebrows to get a perfect shape closer to normal.

1- First, you have to comb the eyebrows and remove the extra hairs, and for it to be easy for you to draw with makeup.

2- You must define the shape of the eyebrow drawing that fits with your face to ensure a consistent look. By choosing to draw a wide or large eyebrow pencil, depending on the drawing of your eyes.

3- National eyebrows by making points that define the start of the eyebrow and the location of the end of the arch, so that it is easy for you to draw eyebrows with your favorite tool, whether with a pen, powder or gel.

4- Take good care of drawing the eyebrows correctly by filling in the blanks and then drawing them at the end of any part of the arch and not the entire eyebrow to ensure a closer look to the natural.

5- Apply a small amount of powder to the brow, then blend it well. Avoid putting too much on the front of the brow, precisely because it will make them look unnatural.

6- Look for the color of the eyebrow powder or the pen that can converge with the natural color of the eyebrow hair so that there is no significant difference when applying.

7- To ensure the consistency of eyebrows, spray the hairspray on it so that it is stable for as long as possible and also to hide any voids and to give the eyebrows a wet look.

8- After finishing, avoid any trace of eyebrow powder, which can spoil the make-up. This is done by applying concealer above and below the eyebrows to ensure perfect makeup without any mistakes.

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