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Ideas worth trying if you can't meet your boyfriend these days

Still in the engagement period, and you can not see your partner these days? Or are you again in the beginning, and you can no longer date? Well, during this period, we all do not go out of our homes and cannot see our loved ones whom we yearn for after we have become self-healthy, so we know very well how you feel and how annoying it is.

 But do not be disturbed, there are a lot of ideas that you can do with your boyfriend if you cannot meet him physically and on the ground. Just as married women told us about plans to keep the relationship burning with her husband if he was traveling and in another country, today we show you ideas that deserve The experience of maintaining romance between you and your lover these days ...

Ideas worth trying if you can't meet your boyfriend these days

1- Make a list of the things you want to do together, and divide it by the days of the week, so that you will feel that you have enthusiasm all the time. Just make a schedule with specific dates and share it with your boyfriend. You can use the Google Calendar app for this task.

2- What do you think about writing answers? I know you are now surprised by this idea, but it is really worth a try. Handwritten answers always have a different effect. Just bring a piece of paper and a pen, write down everything you want, take a picture of this answer, and send it to him.

3- Get to know each other again. For example, at the beginning of the week, each of you puts 7 questions to ask each of them daily on the other side. And I'm sure that with the passage of days you will discover things you did not know about.

4- Morning messages ... If it is usual for you as you see each other every morning, especially if you are working in the same place, replace that with the morning message. And you can exchange some pictures of your faces while you are awake, this will add an atmosphere of fun as well.

5- A video call at the end of each day would be great. Suffice it to be the last thing you do is see each other's faces before bed and tell what happened during the whole day. You can try some apps like Zoom, Face Time.

6- Choose a movie that you want to watch together and use an application that allows you to watch as if you were sitting together, such as Facebook Watch Party and Netflix Party.

7- Learn something new together. This was one of the ideas my partner and I did. From the beginning of self-isolation, we decided to learn a new language together, and really the topic is fascinating.

8- Designate a day of the week for reading. You participate in a video call and choose a book, with each of you reading one part to the other.

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