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The best timing for having an intimate relationship for men and women

Success and enjoyment of intimacy have many aspects, and indeed the timing of sexual relations, whether in the morning or evening or at a specific hour of the day or year, has a significant impact. Especially since estrogen in women and testosterone in men increases at times, which helps in reaching orgasm and enjoying the marital relationship more.
 This is why you should consider choosing the ideal time for intercourse, and this is what we will show you.

Having an intimate relationship before and after your period

A woman's sexual desire increases a few days before the menstrual cycle. Where the body secretes hormones responsible for ovulation, which makes women have a passion for intimate relationships. The menstrual cycle and hormonal change also affect the body to have the ability to enjoy, as the uterus becomes full of blood, and therefore there will be no cramps in it, and it will be fun. As for the labia and clitoris, they are susceptible due to the fluid filling of the body, so you will enjoy foreplay and having sexual intercourse significantly. After the end of the menstrual cycle, the desire increases again after a week.

Having sexual relations in the morning

Waking up and having an intimate relationship in the first 30 minutes of the day is one of the good and preferred things for either the husband or the wife. This is because, unlike you having sex in the evening, you have energy and activity, both of you will feel tired. Intercourse also stimulates adrenaline and hormones in the body and thus gives you power and happiness at the beginning of the day. It is an ideal time for men to have more testosterone in the morning, as many men wake up, and the penis becomes erect.

Intercourse in the summer

Although it can be strange, it is real, having an intimate relationship in the summer, and specifically in the hot months of the year, will be much better than exercising in the winter. The sun's rays provide the body with vitamin D, which greatly stimulates ovulation and fertility. And surely you will notice that a woman's sexual desire increases in the summer than in the winter.

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Having an intimate relationship after exercise

In men, testosterone increases precisely when exercising, so 30 minutes later, the ideal timing for marital relationship is. That is why it is advised to practice sports together to ensure the body's revitalization and stimulation of hormones and the process of ovulation for women. The best timing for sexual intercourse is scientifically based on the Woman Codebook that talks about women's health, the best timing for sexual intercourse is at 3 pm, both for men and women. As the rate of testosterone increases in the body for men, for women, the hormone cortisol, which controls the body's activity for women, begins to increase, and therefore this time has been classified as most appropriate for men and women.

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