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Do you know the Amazon success story?

Amazon is an American e-commerce company, which started selling books and then expanded its products, to subsequently revolutionise the world of shopping and electronic stores, whose value exceeds one hundred billion dollars annually.


Founded on Amazon.com on July 5, 1994, in Washington State, Jeff Bezos, who started establishing a private online selling company known as the "Amazon Store". The site was officially opened on July 16, 1995, and it was the first book to be sold to Douglas Hofstadter entitled "Fluid concepts and creative comparisons ... Computer models of the basic mechanisms of ideas."

The name

Bezos chose the name "Amazon" as a reference to the Amazon River, which is the largest in the world, in line with its goal to have the largest store in the world. Since 2000, the Amazon logo has appeared with a smile-like arrow that extends from the letter "A" to the last letter in the Latin alphabet (Z) and indicates that the company provides all products, from A to Z, and aims to satisfy the customer with it.


The Amazon headquarters are in Seattle, Washington, USA. Tweet the text with Twitter, and it has sites in several countries: Germany (1998), Britain (1998), France (2000), Japan (2000), Canada (2002), China (2004) and Italy (2010) ), Spain (2011), India (2012), Mexico (2013), Australia (2013), and the Netherlands (2014).
The CEO of the company is its founder, Jeff Bezos, a computer expert and businessman.

Success story

The Amazon story began with an idea in Bezos's head when he was impressed by the idea of ​​selling books on the Internet. Still, he initially faced difficulties with financing the completion of his project, which set him a budget of one million dollars, due to what he described at the time as "poor understanding of investors, their lack of belief in the potential of the Internet, and their scepticism in the ability of Amazon project to succeed. "

Nevertheless, Bezos set out to implement his project after receiving one hundred thousand dollars from his parents, and his success in several convincing businessmen to invest fifty thousand dollars per person.

The authors also clashed with the fear and anxiety of the authors on their books of quotation and intellectual and literary theft as they clung to copyright. Still, these fears were later dissipated after the project achieved the unparalleled success that made it the largest electronic market in the world whose value exceeds one hundred billion dollars annually.

The financial figures for the second fiscal quarter of 2016 indicate that Amazon exceeded previous Wall Street forecasts by 29.55 billion to reach $ 30.4 billion of income, and this revenue was distributed to shares to $ 1.78 per share.

Compared to 2015, Amazon shares increased by 40% and managed to achieve good profits for the fifth consecutive quarter, thanks to reduced costs of delivering orders to consumers and growing offers. The cloud storage division achieved sales of $ 2.89 billion, exceeding previous expectations as well.

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