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How do you look beautiful in video calls from home?

Most of us spend most of our time at home and try to communicate always with video calls, whether at work from home or even to chat with your friends. And because we still want to have an attractive look even in the simplest of things, today I decided to help you learn how to get a beautiful look during video calls from home without much effort ...


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Choose a place with good lighting

One of the rules you should pay attention to before starting a conversation with your friends is choosing an excellent place to shoot so the light is good and your face is visible in the picture. So the sun should be in front of you or beside you, not to sit behind and behind you, because you will not be able to see the phone or laptop. If it is a video call to work, I advise you to choose the excellent lighting and background that will be clear when it appears. It is preferable to resort to a simple wall with no paintings or drawings.

The distance between you and the camera

One of the essential things to keep in mind before making a private video call over the phone. It is preferable for there to be a distance for your face and upper body to appear, to ensure that you do not look bad in the camera and that the whole focus does not become on your face only. So that the call does not turn into a selfie that you want to take.


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Camera level

 Care must be taken that the camera level is at the level of your face or eyes. Because if it is in a lower place, you will look down continuously, and the picture will not be good. Also, you will not feel comfortable in this case, but if it is high, it will be better and convenient for you, whether using a laptop or phone.

Pass an ice cube on your face

If you are not a fan of makeup application in your everyday look, you can also give it up when making a video call. But to ensure you get a good look, be careful to cleanse the skin thoroughly beforehand and then pass an ice cube over the face. It will give you naturally flushed skin and will be more attractive in the video without having to apply makeup.


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Avoid applying lip gloss

 If you are sitting in a place with high lighting, I advise you to stay away from utilizing a glossy lip gloss or lipstick because it will reflect light while shooting video. It will not help you get attractive makeup when you are home. It is preferable to choose matte shades that will give you a good appearance that is compatible with the atmosphere of the location.

Simple makeup that suits you

If you want to apply makeup, there are a few necessary steps you would prefer to take. It is recommended to apply foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick in distinct degrees to ensure that your features are not faded when photographing. It is preferable to use a concealer, especially if you suffer from the presence of dark circles to hide it with makeup.


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A suitable hairstyle for you

If you are preparing for a video call to work, care should be taken to get a hairstyle ideal for your formal clothes such as a high bun, ponytail or braids. If you are going to talk to one of your friends, you can try any hairstyle that gives you a distinctive look and fits appropriately with your clothes.

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