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How do you sterilize your beauty tools?

About three weeks ago, everyone's main concern was sterilization, did you sterilize your hands? Free surface? Home surfaces? Jewelry? But hey, what about your makeup! Is his sterility too! Isn't a hard surface worth it?


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According to the data of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is not sure how long the COVID-19 virus remains on a specific surface, it may last from several hours to several days, and it can also survive on materials such as cardboard, metal, and plastic, while lipstick and shades. The eyes are not yet included in these studies, but the same general logic applies to cosmetics, and these days, despite our limited use of makeup, but it is available as a matter of psychological comfort or a quick video conference, we must always consider its cleanliness!

It is definitely tricky to sterilize the makeup itself, brushing it with water and alcohol is fantastic, as it will definitely be ruined! But we need to clean what he touches, such as your finger, if you are using a user, and most importantly, the brush!


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For hands, in addition to washing and sterilizing them before touching any products, whether they are cosmetic, skincare, or your face, it is best to use hand sanitizer wipes made with alcohol and anti-microbial benzalkonium chloride.

As for the makeup brushes, in addition to the regular organizing that you do every week, you should spray brush bristles with a bottle of hand sanitizer, as well as eyeliner pencils or eyeliner as well as a lipliner.


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There is also a mascara stick! You should wipe it with a cotton swab with a drop of alcohol in it.

Do not forget that the makeup touches our skin, mouths, noses and eyes.

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