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How to avoid quarrels with your father and mother

Do you spend a long time with your family at home due to the emergency situation and self-quarantine, and you cannot leave the house, then you indeed find yourself in a constant fight with your mother and father. It is one of the things that always happen, especially on the weekends, but at times like this, it is very difficult.

That is why I decided to help you today to learn ways to avoid quarreling with them as much as possible. For this and in the beginning, you should learn how to avoid quarreling between you to ensure peace of mind and not to develop things into a big problem. You can then do some activities that allow you to spend time Happy with them instead of quarrels. Discover them with us...

Tips to stop quarrels between you and your parents

1- You should avoid getting into discussions that could eventually lead you to a big and difficult to control the fight.
2- Try to control your nerves as much as possible and not to direct any veto them in a cruel manner. Because in the end, they are your parents and therefore you should treat them with great respect, so I advise you to breathe deeply to calm yourself and your nerves so as not to increase the problems.
3- You should think about their own way and put yourself in their place as it is one of the important steps in case you encounter any problems with your parents because they are definitely always looking for your personal benefit.
4- Apology is the most important step to take when dealing with your parents, and whatever kind of problems you face, you should apologize to them.

Activities you can do with your parents to avoid quarrels

1- All women love to take care of her skin and spend a special time caring for her, so what do you think about doing skin-cleaning sessions with your mother and all this by trying to apply some masks and natural recipes that give you smooth and beautiful skin in a short time.
2- If your father or mother is a fan of reading, read a book and enter into a discussion with them about the story, then this will be very interesting.
3- What do you think about playing sports with your mother? This is what I really did in the past few days that I downloaded an application on my phone to do sports at home, and she also wanted to do sports, so I shared the matter with me.
4- Your father shares his hobbies, so what do you think of trying to teach him the PlayStation and playing with him, then this may make him happy.
 5- Most men spend their vacation time repairing faults or problems at home, so what do you think of helping him, then this will make him happy.
6- What do you think of watching a movie at home together of their choice, if they are your parent's classic characters, there is nothing better than watching an old movie with interest in preparing them with some sweets and popcorn to enjoy the atmosphere of the movie.
7- Does your father love backgammon or chess? What do you think about sharing some of his favorite games and making a competition that can last for days?
8- Take the time to relive your childhood memories and see some of your old photos, as this will make you happy and take back some happy moments.
9 - Play some songs and dance with them for some time, this will improve your mood, especially if you spend a long vacation.
10 - If your mother is a fan of knitting, then surely there is nothing better than spending a long time making scarfs or a woolen hat and trying to learn from her how to do it.
11- Reuse anything old in your home, like accessories or old clothes, with innovative ideas.

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