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In order to protect against coronavirus, this singer wears a luxurious protective suit

The controversial American singer Erykah Badu appeared in a protective suit to protect against the emerging coronavirus, this looks somewhat natural in the outbreak of the virus in the world. Still, the strange thing is the fashion craze that controls everyone, even while trying to prevent it, and the most unusual something is Attempting to use the most beautiful luxury brands and pieces through masks and protective clothing.

The singer appeared in a white protective suit with the Louis Vuitton brand at the 20th Texas Film Awards and called her high-end fashion for social distance.

Erykah Badu wore a custom Louis Vuitton Hazmat suit while receiving her award, the singer's outfit was imprinted with the brand name of coloured spray on the graffiti style that painted the Louis Vuitton logos in shades of black and red, with matching elbow-length gloves featuring a patchwork design with a black feathered shoe.


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The singer also appeared on the stage with a face mask with an innovative design and the only visible part of Badu's body was her face, which only looked her makeup.

The 49-year-old singer also carried a large shoulder bag from Louis Vuitton fashion house, over her shoulder, took her on stage while accepting the prize for sound during the ceremony.

In one of her many Instagram posts on Instagram, the singer was showing her unique custom look and thanked her team for helping her revive her vision of the Corona Virus Prevention idea.

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