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Learn soft star makeup with simple steps

Actress Rana Samaha took advantage of free time in the home stone and turned into a beautician through a tutorial video of soft star-style makeup.

Soft makeup in the manner of Rana Samaha

Rana Samaha posted a tutorial makeup video on her Instagram account, revealing the way to get star makeup in a simple way and in less time.


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Fine makeup steps

- Rana Samaha started applying the primer to her entire face, then distributed the foundation brush with the skin.

- Rana Samaha made sure to hide the blemishes of her skin, by using the orange colour from the contour colour box, noting that this particular colour hides dark circles and imperfect blemishes appearing in the skin.

- Rana chose the eminence of eyeshades from earthy colours, and began to distribute them through light first and then dark.

- Rana Samaha used eyebrow powder to fill in the blanks, then with a thin brush and a light white colour that started to define the eyebrows.

- Rana Samaha identified her eyes with kohl, then put the mascara and installed the false eyelashes, and passed the mascara again until her natural lashes merged with the other.

- Rana Samaha painted her lips with a lip liner and then used it as a lipstick, and with the powder, she got rid of any unwanted make-up.

Watch the video and learn in detail the star makeup by Rana Samaha:

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