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Natural ways to dye your hair brown at home

Many women and girls are turning to using natural products on their hair to protect it from damage and damage to various chemicals. But in the stage of abstaining from using chemicals, women are confused if they want to change the color of their hair. On the one hand, it needs dye, either to hide white hair, to standardize the color of its hair, or even as a type of regeneration, and on the other hand it fears the harm it will do.

Natural ways to dye your hair brown at home

There are several natural ways to dye hair brown and hide white hair at the same time. Each of them has its own steps. Get to know them in the following lines:

Use black tea to change hair color:

Tea can hide white hair and change its color. For example, if your natural hair color is light brown, it will make it dark brown, and if your natural hair is blonde it will become dark blonde and so on.

Boil about 5 bags of tea in two cups of water until it is high. Then apply it to your hair completely or mix it with Leave-in conditioner (which is left on the hair without rinsing). The longer you leave the mixture on your hair, the more visible the color will be. In the event that you want to dye white hair, add the mixture a little sage to help open the follicles and absorb them to the color.


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Change hair color with coffee:

Coffee can dye white hair well-deserved. All you have to do is choose a strong (dark coffee like espresso) and distill it with hot water. Mix a cup of coffee after cooling with two cups of Leave-in Conditioner and spread it over your washed hair evenly. Leave it for a few hours, then rinse with apple cider vinegar to ensure color stability.

Note: Be careful when applying color to your hair as it may leave dye stains on the fabric and towels.


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Leaves of nettle, rosemary and sage:

Bring the leaves of rosemary, nettle, and sage and let them boil in water on the fire for half an hour, then wait for them to cool, before applying water to your hair after filtering it. Leave it on your hair at least an hour before rinsing it.

Note: You may need to repeat the process more than once before noticing a big difference in your hair color.

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