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Pillow challenge with video and photos

In the past few days, a strange challenge appeared on Instagram called the pillow challenge, which caused girls to replace dresses and clothes with going out with pillows, where girls made pillows as a complete look by publishing the #pillowdress pillow challenge, and creating an uproar on them in an innovative way, not only girls but also children who shine Also colored cushions as part of home fashion.

A girl and her mother challenge the pillow:

The mother alone is not enough, as a mother thought that her daughter would participate in challenging the pillow, and the couple wore white pillows with a black belt in the middle, wearing sunglasses and black shoes, and the funny thing was that the girl appeared wearing her mother's shoes to look like her full elegance.

Challenge pillow dress

With drop hair and sunglasses, a girl named larissa stood beside the door of the house in preparation for the imaginary exit, wearing a gray pillow, with a belt in the center, clutching a consistent bag with clothes, to become elegant and attractive.

Inside the bedroom wearing a pillow:

From inside her room, ecemnur tansoyy wore a white pillow, then attached a thin black belt to her, adopting the look of the bun with her hair, and presented her small bag to complete her look.

The attractive girl challenges the pillow:

The attractiveness of the girl Daiany Hank made the challenge more serious and elegant, as she appeared wearing a pillow in which black and white merged until she looked like a chess piece, and her friends praised her look, which looked like a dress on the latest fashion.

Elegance in front of the dressing room challenges the pillow:

In front of the dressing room, Vaniavilela took a picture of her in front of the mirror, wearing a white pillow, with a white belt in the middle of it in black, and coordinated shoes in preparation for a virtual evening at her home.

Pillow Challenge, Casual:

A girl changed the style of the pillow bracelet, to transform it into a casual one, as a girl wore a pillow embossed with stars, she looked more like a casual and modern dress than a bracelet, and she grabbed her little dog that I put inside the pillow in a comic way.

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