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Pink hair dye, fashion 2020

A quick tour of "Instagram", especially on the accounts of beauty bloggers around the world, makes you immediately notice that the pink hair dye color is the most prevalent, in addition to the stars and celebrities who have tried this color like Emma Roberts, Ella Fanning, and others.

After the trend of the ombre, the pink hair dye color comes first in the hair dyes appropriate for the spring. Stay up to date with international fashion in the footsteps of Hollywood stars, and get a pink hair dye color for your hair in preparation for the spring season and enjoy a lively and fun look.


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pink hair dye fits all skin and hair colors, whether your skin is white, white or brown, you can follow the trend of pink hair dye hair. But do you have the nerve to get this color? For your hair?

1- Layered Hairstyle with pink hair dye

To get that look, do a layered or pop style cut before hair dye and curls. Next, spread the hair dye in warm brown as a basis, with the shiny pink hair dye tufts.


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2- The degrees of pink hair dye with red

This look is suitable for women with long dark hair. Apply a basic color to your hair in dark red tones, with pink hair dye tones applied to the ends of the hair only.

3- pink hair dye with platinum

Blending platinum with pink hair dye from Kelly Jenner's recent trends to make the talk. Many girls have taken steps to get that different, powerful look.


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4 - pink hair dye In ends

The pink hair dye hair color is one of the most applicable colors. For blond or golden hair owners, light pink hair dye or purple tones can be applied to the ends of the hair for a great, feminine look.

5- Dark hair with pink hair dye tufts

pink hair dye can be coordinated with dark hair, whether black or brown, with ombre technology. Although the light colors contrast with the dark, this gives you a different and bold look

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