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Safe shopping tips without worries during this time

As we strive to protect ourselves and our communities from the emerging Coronavirus, SARS Cove 2, which causes COVID-19, an essential question arises about a healthy and safe way of shopping so that we are not exposed to infection, and here is the answer.

Although Coronavirus can be infected by touching surfaces contaminated with the virus, the primary way to spread the virus is to contact another infected person. Based on this fact, we offer the following tips to protect you from Corona during shopping...

tips to protect you from Corona during a shopping

1- Reduce the number of times you go shopping, the more you go to the shop, the higher the risk. It is best to limit your shopping to once a week or every two weeks.

2- Wash your hands before going to the store with soap and water for 20 seconds and dry them thoroughly, so that you do not infect others if there is an infection with your Corona. Do you know?

3- It is advised to go to the stores at a time when the number of buyers decreases, such as an early morning or before closing at night.

4- Go alone for shopping, do not take your wife or children with you.

5- Leave a distance of 1.5 to two meters between you and other shoppers, and the experts of the German Federal Institute are advised to keep a distance of 1.5 meters when talking to others.

6- The period of presence in the store must be reduced by knowing and writing the purchase list, so that time in the store is not wasted back and forth unnecessarily, which increases the chances of contact and contact with others.
7- Reducing the touch of surfaces to the minimum amount possible, and it is preferable not to prolong the time in the store with things such as reading food content.

8- Bring a unique shopping bag instead of shopping trolleys, which are transmitted from hand to hand. Antibacterial wipes and antiseptics can be accompanied.

9- If it is not possible to bring a unique shopping bag or you will buy a lot of things when taking the shopping cart to wipe its handle with an antiseptic handkerchief.

10- Do not use the phone during shopping, as the virus may pass from your hand to the phone, and when you receive a call, you will put the phone on your mouth, and the infection will transmit to you.

11- It is not clear which is better to pay in cash or by card. The important thing is to use the method in which the fewest people or surfaces are touched.

12. After you finish shopping, Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds.

13- It is also not clear whether it is necessary to disinfect the items that you purchased when you arrive home, and some consider this to be excessive caution.

Consult your doctor or health authorities in your country, and the most essential point is to wash your hands after handling the packages and when you have finished putting things.

Finally, to protect against the Coronavirus, it is advised to socialize and avoid contact with this period and wash hands thoroughly, especially before touching the face or eating.

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