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Take advantage of the quarantine to restore life to your skin

Sure, you started to get bored because of the social isolation imposed in the country for fear of spreading the COVID-19 virus, but you can take advantage of this time in many things, including caring for your skin and hair and returning to your daily routine.

This long period will restore the freshness of your skin. If you use it well, learn about steps that make it easier for you to:

Try new products

Try a new skin care product while considering buying small sizes for the experiment until discovering whether it works for your skin or not, and do not try many new products in one go, you must first make sure that each of them will not harm your skin.


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Do not forget to take care of the body

The face is only a small percentage of your skin, so focusing on body care is also worth your time, and if there is one body care product that may require review in this period it is definitely a deodorant.

Make sure to have an aluminum-free type.

Re-use makeup colors

This time is an opportunity to play with makeup, while some people may enjoy the freedom of the face without makeup, practicing your usual morning routine may sometimes help you stay excited for the rest of the day, however, it is a good opportunity to discover new colors that may be appropriate for your skin but you do not realize Because you maintain your safety zone.

The only thing to consider is the number of times you remove the product to start with a new face., Your face can become stressful from the process of repeated removal.

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