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The latest fashion at home

Stars and fashion bloggers are always inspiring for a girl to have a chic look, but these days it is different as everyone now sits indoors due to quarantine.

But there are a lot of stars gathered to share their followers with pajamas at home, in pajamas, robes, or by choosing comfortable outfits, all of this in order to educate people about staying at home to limit the spread of the Coronavirus.

Sportswear chosen by the stars

Many stars participated in their sporting looks at home, especially as there were people used to continuous training, so Yasmine Sabry appeared with a top and sporty pants with a simple design. As for Raya Abi Rashid, she shared her followers with a sporty look at the home and during training alongside her daughter. As for Dominique Hourani lost a suitable gym for yoga.

Star looks in pajamas

Many stars appeared in pajamas throughout the quarantine period, so Nawal Al Zoghbi chose to appear in the Moroccan caftan with its distinctive design. While some stars have appeared in pajamas, such as Nelly Makdessy and Reham Ayman. Some would prefer to wear sweatpants with a simple T-shirt for a comfortable view at home.

Fashion blogger in pajamas

A lot of fashion bloggers were interested in sharing their followers and educating them to sit at home to protect themselves. Dina Zahran and Natalie Fang appeared in the pajamas. While Karen Wazen chose a loose sweatshirt to be her looks at home. As for Nour Arida, she merely coordinated a wide jacket with jeans.

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