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The latest trends in makeup fashion 2020

Most of us at the present time spend most of their time sitting at home because of the house insulation to protect ourselves from infection with any viruses. But in my opinion, it is an excellent opportunity to learn about the popular makeup fashion 2020 that you can practice at home and then apply the trends that suit you whenever you want. To ensure an attractive spring and summer makeup, with a choice of bright and soft grades.

Liner fashion on the middle of the eyelid

The eyeliner fashion that is applied to the middle of the eyelid, called "Floating Eyeliner", is presented with either bright colours or neon for a funky look. This trend was the choice of many fashion and star bloggers on most official occasions, and we have talked before about how to apply it easily.

Eyelid shades in pastel shades

It is a significant trend and very appropriate for the makeup of 2020 in the summer. You can try choosing your favourite pastel colour like pink, cyan or green for a soft and attractive look. And you can try applying it with mascara of the same degrees to get a distinctive look.


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Unspecified lipstick

We have caught the eye irregularly applying this year's lipstick which is called Blurred Lips, which depends on the idea of ​​not defining the lips either outside or graded inside in an ombre way to give you a smooth and attractive look. You can try it quickly by mixing it with a foundation for a look that is similar to beauty bloggers.

Graphic eyeliner

Graphic liner is one of the 2020 makeup trends that have appeared more than a year ago, but it's still going to give you a magical look. But the way it was presented this year was very different, it was applied like winged eyeliner, but with a top-line added to the middle of the eyelid in a modern way. This trend is suitable for girls with full, circular and almond eyes.


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Neon blush

This year's blush fashion has been different, whether by its application or popular colours. Neon degrees such as pink or orange were the forefront of makeup fashion 2020. As it was applied to the cheekbones to become attached to the shades of the eyelids boldly, are you going to use it?

Eyelid shades on the inner corner of the eye

If you are looking for funky makeup, I would definitely advise you to try the coloured eyelid shades on the inner corner of the eye. This trend appeared with neon degrees such as green, fuchsia and yellow. It is very suitable for those with almond, round and full eyes that give you a more attractive look.


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Colourful mascara

Vivid coloured mascara is still 2020 makeup style. Don't hesitate to choose it in either blue, yellow, orange or green shades. If you want to have fashionable makeup, I advise applying it with eyelid shades of the same colour, which is the method most cosmetic bloggers choose.


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Makeup Monochrome

The application of close-to-make-up makeup is one of the most popular trends in makeup fashion 2020. You can try applying pink eyelids with a lipstick of the same colour. Or, choose a full-fledged makeup for a soft look that suits you at all times and occasions.

Glitter eyelids shades

Glitter eye shadow fashion is still a popular trend from last year, which will last you until summer 2020 to give you an attractive makeup look. Which you can choose during the occasions and evenings according to your look, to ensure a permanent look always.

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