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The most beautiful bride accessories 2020

After your choice is made on the dream dress that suits you, completing the look remains with simple touches of different glittering accessories of stones, whether it is hair accessories or jewelry.

You can choose the simple necklace set with white diamonds, if your dress has a simple v-shaped opening, without revealing a large part of the chest area, or choose a long chain if your dress is in the letter V but in a bohemian style wasted, without many embroideries.

Choose shoes with stones for a fashion look, whether it is stored on the shoe from the front, especially with short dresses, or accessories on the heels for a modern look.
If you choose to straighten your hair, choose unique hair accessories, in the form of metallic roses with shiny crystal stones, for all looks attractive and soft.

Crown in the form of a necklace, from the distinctive pieces of the bride of 2020, adopt it with pearl stones if you choose to make a hair ring inclined on both sides, but the crown and make the pearl stone decorate your forehead.

The simple carat with pendants is one of the prominent jewelry in the fashion show for the wedding, especially the two or three stones, or the earrings decorated with flowers without the pendants, especially for the open-cut dresses on the chest side.

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