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Things a man wants in a woman

We, women, find it difficult to understand a man, as we often do not know what the possible ways to make him happy are. And when it comes to marital and sexual relationships, it is more complicated. But in any case, there are basic things that every man in his partner wants and know for sure that will make it easier for you to make him happy.

Seven things a man wants in a woman

1- Fun and entertainment

We know very well that men do not get excited about most of the things that we women love. For example, he does not have much fun shopping or following the latest fashions and more. But does that mean that there are no everyday matters that you can both enjoy ?! All you have to do is discover the things he finds fun in. Like a joint game you play, or travel to some of your favorite places, and so on.

2- Innovation in an intimate relationship

The sexual relationship plays a significant role in married life. So it cannot be neglected or let go of a boring routine. So be more open, and seek to renew in the intimate relationship between the two of you. For example, wear sexy lingerie in a color that he prefers, try different sexual positions with him, or resort to sex toys to increase pleasure and love between you two.

3- Beauty appearance and personal hygiene

Always keep the smell of your body and the beauty of your presentation. Do not treat your husband that he will still love you anyway, no matter how neglecting you are to take care of yourself and your beauty. Try to change your look every day, because the man is a visual object that loves the same things first, so you should fill his eyes with the beauty of your appearance and your elegance. Occasionally surprise him with a new hairstyle or haircut or sexy dress.

4- Independence

It is suitable for your husband to feel that you need him and that he plays an essential role in your life, but nevertheless, a little independence does not prevent. A man loves the responsible woman he can count on because this type of woman attracts him more than the woman who cannot do anything without it.

5- Interest in his opinion

Take care to take the advice of your husband on the critical decisions in your life. This will make him feel important to you and that it means a lot to you. Because it shows that you respect him and his idea. And the man very much loves the woman who respects him. But this does not mean that you consult him in every way, large or small. Be smart about that!

6- Praise him

Well, let me tell you that men also love compliments and flirtation. So what prevents you from praising his clothes, body shape, or the smell of his perfume, as this increases his satisfaction with himself.

7- Self-confidence

Self-confidence is one of the keys to a man's attraction to women. He loves a woman who is self-confident and who does not compare herself with other women. Therefore, keep in mind that your husband will not see you beautiful as long as you do not feel it.

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