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What happened on Instagram health4ue during the week?

Do you follow "Health4ue" account on Instagram? Well, whatever the answer, we wanted to share with you excerpts of the most important things we published during the week and the admiration of our followers there.

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 The world is still facing the spread of the Coronavirus and we are also keen to keep things as positive as possible, and in fact, this week was full of a lot of news that could give you a degree of calmness and relieves the tension you feel. In the past days, we celebrated Celine Dion's birthday, discovered the talent of cooking for a number of celebrities, and watched the message of the Egyptian stars for the preservation of animals and others.

Therefore, we shared a quick look at everything that happened during the past week that you cannot miss ...

1 - Exercises at home 

 We try from the first day in self-isolation to make this period beneficial for everyone and not controlled by boredom, so Captain Sarah Hijab shared with us some easy exercises that you can do at home to tighten the body sagging and build strong muscles.

2- The advantages of self-isolation!

 We participated with us as a dress-up team from our point of view and our vision of self-isolation, and how we see it as something positive and not boring or very bad as some people see it.

3- Eye makeup fashion in 2020

Yes, we cannot go out of our homes these days, but this will not stop our love for makeup. So we made sure to share with you a video showing eye makeup in 2020.

These are some of the topics that were displayed on Instagram Health4ue. For more details, follow the Health4ue team on Instagram.

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